Grilling and sitting on the plot is not only becoming more and more popular, but even becoming a way of spending free time for many people. During such a rest, of course, a good meal is important, which is especially important in the event of a feast in the garden.


Poles love grilling, but modern gastronomic technology allows not only feasting at the grill, there are many more solutions that can be adapted even in a private garden, such as a garden pizza oven , a special mini smokehouse, electric toasters or other interesting solutions that we will try to find. tell.


LOFRA | Barbecue, garden stove, smokehouse - what else?


A large garden or plot is a place where you can comfortably and comfortably relax, but also prepare a meal. Grilling and barbecue are the domain of Poles, it begins with the first warm days and ends with late autumn. There are many other ideas just as interesting as the barbecue in the garden.


In southern Europe, where gastronomy in addition to the kitchen is very developed, there are:

  • garden smokehouses, which are already becoming popular in Poland,
  • garden cookers, powered by electricity or gas,
  • garden pizza oven , which is popular especially in Italy, and in Poland mainly found in restaurants,
  • garden stoves for casseroles and other dishes, as well as grates, popular in the Balkans, Spain and France.


In our country, the fashion for the installation of this type of equipment is just emerging, but we can already see the great interest of many people. The garden pizza oven arouses such interest, because pizza is very popular in our country, and the possibility of preparing it during a garden feast - very tempting.


LOFRA | Amazing garden - costs and requirements


If you want to prepare meals in the garden, you need to invest not only in stoves, grills or smokehouses. It is also worth investing in a countertop and basic furniture. A large garden makes it possible, and those who cook meals outdoors say that there is no better form of cooking.


A garden pizza oven , a piece of table top, basic furniture, a grill and a simple stove with a gas cylinder will allow you to prepare a meal in the garden for the family or guests in the fresh air.


The costs incurred when arranging such a mini garden kitchen may be different. Simple, wooden furniture and basic equipment do not generate high costs. Certainly, appliances such as a garden pizza oven , or a good stove or a smokehouse are a bit more expensive. Nevertheless, when you like to spend time in your own garden and do it willingly, then it is definitely worth investing in the purchase of this type of equipment.

Many restaurants nowadays decide to make this type of investment, i.e. to buy a garden pizza oven or a special oven for cooking outside. People like to eat like this, and in the era of the pandemic, the desire to eat meals outside confined spaces has increased significantly. Since restaurants invest in this type of things, it is also worth buying them at home, of course, if we have a suitable garden at our disposal.


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