LOFRA | Garden pizza oven - not only for professionals

One of the essential elements of our offer is pizzeria equipment. For years, we have specialized in supplying pizza restaurants with high-quality equipment and devices, while providing solutions that are ahead of the competition.

LOFRA also has something for every home pizza lover - a garden pizza oven .


LOFRA | Garden pizza oven

The popularity of grilling and feasting at the grill is huge. Virtually everyone who has a plot or a backyard garden loves to grill. Grilling is associated with meetings with relatives, friends and neighbors. We like to eat a meal in this way, which can be seen, for example, in restaurants with "gardens", which are so popular during the spring, summer and even autumn months.


We have good news for people who love cooking outdoors. A barbecue is not the end of ideas, because a garden pizza oven will be perfect for your garden. Yes, you read that right. It is a stove that everyone can have. It fits perfectly in gardens, it will be a perfect complement to garden feasts, and it is also a perfect solution for restaurants and pizzerias.


Who is the garden pizza oven for?

Are you wondering who needs a garden pizza oven , since you prepare pizza once in a while? Well, apart from pizzerias and restaurants, it will be perfect if you use the warm months for grilling and preparing meals outside.

First of all, apart from pizza, you can:

  • prepare wonderful and tasty casseroles,
  • bake a cake, for example for tortillas,
  • use it to prepare various delicacies with dough as a base,
  • bake rolls and bakery products in it.

A pizza oven is certainly an extraordinary solution in a private home, but this does not mean that the installation of such an oven is an exaggerated idea. If someone really likes grilling, then such a stove will make fun not only for himself, but also for his family, friends and all guests who will enjoy a pizza baked with wood from a garden pizza oven.


See the garden pizza oven in LOFRA Italy's offer at: www.lofra.pl