The industrial style has been gaining popularity in our interiors for years. In the past, eagerly used mainly in large apartment buildings, it came to us from Western Europe, where it previously came directly from the United States. Interestingly, the loft style refers to industrialism, and the most commonly used was and is in California, which has little to do with industry.


Today, the industrial style is found not only in the arrangements of living rooms, lounges or so-called fun rooms. It has become very popular in the kitchen. The so-called loft kitchen is a kitchen that draws handfuls from industrial arrangements. A loft kitchen is an increasingly popular arrangement solution today, especially related to large, spacious kitchens.


LOFRA | General description of the loft style


The loft style in the kitchen is an industrial style. It is mainly characterized by:

  • austerity, since it is a style related to industry, raw colors and arrangements dominate here,
  • large spaces that are often seemingly undeveloped,
  • furniture that is more at first glance suitable for a factory than a home kitchen, but which create a wonderful arrangement,
  • subdued colors, often the predominant color is gray.


The above characteristics of the loft style clearly show that this style is simply considered very strict, but it is perfect for connoisseurs of extraordinary solutions.


It is very important in the arrangement of loft kitchens, both the execution of walls and lighting. Walls, often made of only brick, for the needs of an industrial arrangement, you can buy so-called "bricks with history", which often come from the demolition of old factories. Lighting, on the other hand, is usually hanging lamps, giving a lot of light, with shades resembling those that were used in factories years ago.


LOFRA | Loft kitchen - furniture and household appliances


A loft kitchen, no different than the most common kitchens in our homes, must be equipped with furniture and household appliances. We wrote above that a characteristic feature of loft kitchens is the austerity of the interior and arrangement. Furniture in a loft kitchen should be extraordinary. Colors - subdued, white, black, gray. The table can be entirely made of concrete or even raw sheet metal. Furniture should be simple and precise at the same time. As for the finish of the furniture fronts, apart from the simplicity, the fronts can be made both in the form of mats and high gloss, here, in fact, there is full freedom.


Household appliances for loft kitchens , it is best to match them by choosing either universal arrangement or dedicated equipment. Dedicated equipment is, for example, Lofra equipment, which produces just household appliances dedicated to retro, vintage and loft kitchens. Basically, the purchase of this type of equipment should not be a problem, as usually loft arrangements are arrangements that perfectly match all technologies, including household appliances.


A loft kitchen is certainly not a kitchen for everyone. It is a type of kitchen, rather aimed at lovers of this type of interior, who like austerity and space. Certainly, however, this is a solution that significantly differs from the "standards", which means that it can arouse general curiosity and interest.


Loft kitchen