Along with the growing popularity of alternative kitchen arrangements compared to modern arrangements, the demand for retro, vintage or rustic arrangements has significantly increased. Another solution that is still gaining popularity is Provencal cuisine . Inspired by the French region of Provence and its interior architecture, which is still popular today, and which was very popular at the beginning of the 20th century.

What characterizes Provencal cuisine ? What characteristics do Provencal-style kitchens reflect? We will try to pass this knowledge on in this short article.


LOFRA | Provencal cuisine - colors and furnishings


Provencal cuisine, like the entire Provencal style, is based on bright colors. Most often, kitchens of this type are made in very bright colors, white is the dominant one, there are also light purple, blue combined with white, ecru and naturally beige. The colors are the key, because the kitchen is supposed to be very bright and spacious. A large window is very welcome, which at the same time generates a lot of sun that falls directly into the kitchen interior.

Provencal style kitchens are primarily full kitchens furniture. While in the modern style we strive to close everything in magic corners or cargo cabinets, in the case of the Provencal kitchen , rather low furniture dominates, on them a large number of countertops, and above the hanging cabinets themselves. The furniture is usually white, beige or ecru, has beautiful decorations and should be made of solid wood. Kitchen furniture has numerous decorations, but it is rarely characterized by a variety of colors. They are made in one color and at most in different shades.

Provencal kitchen furniture should be very rich. A huge number of cabinets, drawers, low furniture, suspended cabinets for storing dishes and glasses, as well as numerous suspended furniture accessories, such as hangers, hangers and furniture hooks. A characteristic feature of Provencal cuisine is, of course, a large kitchen table. It does not have to be as big as in the dining room, but it should be as large as possible. A beautiful kitchen table, along with chairs painted in the color of kitchen fronts, is an inseparable element of Provencal cuisine .


LOFRA | Provencal cuisine - is it worth choosing?


Certainly the Provencal style in the kitchen cannot be adapted to every type of kitchen. Provencal-style kitchen should be large and spacious, this was indeed her assumption. A spacious and beautiful kitchen with a large amount of furniture adjacent to a large kitchen table. It is definitely not worth making a Provencal kitchen, which is to be arranged in a small room. The kitchen in this arrangement really needs a lot of space and space to show its beautiful face.

The advantages of Provencal cuisine certainly include enormous possibilities in its arrangement. In fact, there are no "rigid" solutions that are found in many other styles of arrangement. There is a lot of freedom here, and this is certainly one of the main advantages of this type of kitchen.


Provencal cuisine