Rustic kitchens , like those in retro, classic and Provencal style, are designed to bring to mind, above all, idyllic, naturalness, return to nature, as well as warmth and coziness. Everything that is supposed to characterize the countryside and what is related to the countryside. The rustic style, just like the Provencal style, is a return to classic styles, warm countryside, full of accessories, light, space, but also old, beautiful objects. It is the opposite of loft arrangements.


The rustic kitchen is very similar to the Provencal kitchen, with the difference that it is dominated by classic, you might even say antique furniture, and the apparent chaos is also welcome. In fact, however, a well-arranged rustic kitchen is not only very beautiful, but cozy, idyllic and turns out to be very tidy.


LOFRA | Special features of a rustic kitchen


A rustic kitchen , like any other type of kitchen, has certain peculiarities. It is characterized primarily by rural, warm arrangements, colors that make it possible to give the impression of coziness and idyll. Rustic cuisine is primarily:

  • delicate, bright colors, warm, beige, slightly yellow, even white combined with warmer arrangements,
  • wonderful accessories that seemingly are placed without order and composition, but in fact each of them has its place,
  • spacious, bright, naturally lit interiors.


Rustic kitchen works best with delicate and classic interiors, but there is no need to maintain the so-called continuity of the interior and thus a consistent arrangement. A kitchen arranged in a rustic style will fit perfectly in both a classic and modern house.


LOFRA | Rustic kitchen - ways and possibilities of arrangement


A rustic kitchen is a kitchen that certainly requires a bit of knowledge when it comes to arranging it. Hence, great emphasis is placed on the ability to select both furniture, accessories and household appliances.


Furniture in a rustic kitchen should, above all, be made in light colors, cozy, preferably of solid wood. Unlike Provencal kitchens, the kitchen worktop is best made of wood, which will provide an additional atmosphere. The furniture may be old, seemingly worn, in fact nicely arranged and made in a rustic style.


Sometimes the problem is the selection of household appliances. However, here, with the help of users comes none other than Lofra, which for years has specialized in the production of specialized household appliances, dedicated to rustic, Provencal and classic kitchens. It is best to skillfully build up household appliances so that they are as little visible as possible, but at the same time make the kitchen very functional.


A properly arranged and skillfully prepared rustic kitchen is certainly an arrangement gem in every home. Interiors that bring to mind idyllic, cleanliness, warmth and provide pleasure while in the kitchen.


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