Country kitchen is the kitchen, which also belong to the mainstream of the kitchen, which refer to the classics. This trend is becoming more and more popular and both vintage, rustic, retro and classic kitchens are becoming more and more popular, not only in Poland, but also throughout Europe. What are the characteristics of rustic kitchens, how should they be arranged and what are they characterized by. You'll find everything in this article.


LOFRA | Rustic kitchen furnishings


Rustic kitchens, as the name suggests, are kitchens that directly refer to the classics and rustic style. Their characteristic feature is furniture.

Heavy, wooden furniture, classic, very heavily decorated, preferably in natural color, is a very important element of any rustic kitchen. In the center of the kitchen there is a large, heavy table. The placement of the table and large furniture in a way determines the fact that the room for a rustic kitchen must be large and spacious.

The larger the kitchen, the greater the room for maneuvering. In the case of a rustic kitchen, it is best if the kitchen exceeds more than 12 m2, if this is not possible, then it is worth combining it with the dining room, although this solution does not always work.


LOFRA | Lighting in a rustic kitchen


Rustic kitchens are primarily spacious and bright kitchens. The greatest emphasis is placed on the natural form of lighting. In this case, it is worthwhile for a rustic kitchen to have large windows, preferably facing east or south. An example of such a rustic kitchen can be successfully found in Podlasie. They are still arranged according to traditional country kitchens. Lots of light falls into them, through the windows and high-placed skylights.

However, natural light in the kitchen is not enough. Adequate artificial lighting is also important. In this case, in a rustic kitchen it should be adapted to the room as much as possible and provide comfortable access to light.

The lamps themselves should be hanging lamps, preferably stylized classic. Glass combined with metal will work perfectly here. In addition, it is worth installing wall lamps on the walls, which will give additional light and will be a perfect decoration and complement.


LOFRA | Colors in a rustic kitchen


As in the case of vintage and classic kitchens, the right colors are very important in a rustic kitchen. It is she who makes the kitchen cozy and pleasant. Nevertheless, unlike vintage kitchens, a rustic kitchen should be dominated by subdued colors. They are recommended:

  • bright colors, a combination of white with light yellow and even gray,
  • beige and light browns when the kitchen is properly lit,
  • light blue and blue colors, also when a lot of daylight enters the kitchen.


The colors of a rustic kitchen are very important from the point of view of the reception of such a kitchen by its user. In addition to standard colors, rustic kitchens also use all kinds of painted decorations on the walls. Patterns and all kinds of games with colors, directly on the wall of such a kitchen, are very popular.


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