Retro kitchen - Despite the fact that most shops and interior designers offer their services in the design and construction of modern and functional kitchens, classic kitchens in vintage and retro style still find their fans. Those who like such retro kitchens claim that they are much cozier, more effective in use, and also allow you to "cook with your heart". Modernity, dominated by stainless steel, simplicity and minimalism for many people are not as convincing as the rich and varied in shape furniture, lots of accessories and wonderful and very beautiful decorations that can be found in classic kitchens.


Rustic kitchen - beautiful and cozy

The rustic style has been known in interior design for a long time. Modeled on the eighteenth century village, its simplicity, idyll, and cozy and warm colors. This style is also present in kitchens. It is very different from the modern, steel and clean style of arrangement of a modern kitchen. However, these differences do not mean that this style is inferior. Yes, it is a niche, but it has its supporters who like to use it in the kitchen.


Rustic cuisine became popular at the beginning of the 90s, when there was a return to "idyllic" and simplicity. With the advent of modern solutions, simplicity and innovative technologies, the popularity of rustic kitchens has slightly decreased. This does not mean, however, that no one today designs or arranges such kitchens. On the contrary, the rustic style in the kitchen, according to many, gives the whole house warmth and coziness.


Rustic kitchens - what they are characterized by

To understand what rustic cuisine is, you need to know the history of rusticism. This style began to be eagerly used in the 18th century, when for many the simplicity and idyllic nature of the countryside were an example to follow in interior design. Over time, the whole thing has strongly evolved and although the popularity was still inherent in its minimalism and simplicity, it was constantly "supported" by modernity. Rustic kitchens look similar today. In our houses, we can find simple, slightly neglected-looking furniture, which hides modern and functional equipment, which is due to, among others, the Lofra brand - a manufacturer of high-quality household appliances for rustic kitchens.


The rustic trend today is based on real wooden furniture, which is made of appropriate wood, with an old and neglected appearance. In addition, it is a variety of colors and simplicity, which, however, is enriched with numerous accessories, such as kitchen accessories hanging on the walls or numerous accessories lying on the counter. Countertops are another important element of a rustic kitchen. Raw, made of wood, they are a very important element, which is why there is a lot of kitchen worktops in a rustic kitchen.


Retro kitchen - Raw but cozy

Rustic cuisine is a peculiar phenomenon. It is a combination of raw wood, simple workmanship, as well as amazing finishes and colors. In this way, the raw expression of the kitchen becomes a very cozy element. This is the biggest advantage, because rustic kitchens are very cozy. Kitchen furniture is made of old wood, often pine, beech, oak, which is not painted, but only varnished. They show cracks and all the imperfections of the material which is wood, which makes it not only beautiful, but also "real". Raw but cozy rustic kitchen is also a very functional kitchen. Mainly thanks to the millions of accessories that hang on the walls, lie on the countertops or are simply "always at hand".


Retro kitchen - Extras and interesting accessories

We have already mentioned additions and interesting accessories in rustic kitchens. In addition to standard items such as tableware hanging on the wall, spoons and cutlery or items related to everyday and common use. The basis, apart from wood, is also the use of natural stone or natural fabrics. Many tablecloths or coasters are made of natural cotton or linen, artificial fabrics are not used here. In addition, all kinds of colorful, woven cloths hang freely, adding additional color to the entire interior.


Rustic kitchen and modern kitchen?

It is not possible to compare a rustic kitchen to a modern one. Both are a completely different type and type of room. Hence, comparing them is poor. Not everyone will be satisfied with a rustic kitchen, which is apparently "untidy". It is a kitchen that fits rather classic, tall, full of wood interiors, made in a classic style. A modern kitchen will fit virtually any type of interior. Despite the fact that rustic kitchens seem to be a thing of the past, they still find many fans. And that's good because they are really beautiful and cozy.

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