Contemporary kitchen arrangements are solutions that are divided into:

  • modern style, varnished, with straight fronts, glass and stainless steel,
  • retro style, based on classic kitchens, very popular in classic construction and interior design,
  • vintage style, which is a specific mixture of styles: modern and retro.


Vintage kitchen is therefore a kitchen that can be successfully called a hybrid. It combines modernity, simplicity and the uniqueness of a modern arrangement, where space, order and a large number of square meters of the top count, with classic solutions such as decorated fronts, furniture made of solid wood and a large number of richly decorated accessories. Here's how to arrange and equip a kitchen in a vintage style - it's worth taking a closer look.


LOFRA | Vintage kitchen - household appliances


Vintage kitchen , although it combines classic with modernity, must be equipped with household appliances. What kind of kitchen is it without an oven, hob, fridge or microwave? All these equipment should be in our kitchen, become its integral and integral part, for it to happen, it is worth spending a bit of time selecting them.


Household appliances should be built in as much as possible. As the furniture in our kitchen will be made in retro or classic style, it is good that the equipment is properly hidden in them. The color of household appliances is very important, as in the Vintage kitchens warm colors dominate - pastels, beige, yellow and even brown or orange colors, the equipment we choose should harmonize with the entire kitchen. Colorful refrigerators, ovens, appropriate retro-style hoods - all this can be purchased thanks to the Lofra brand.


Vintage kitchen , although it is a kitchen that contains a lot of classic style, does not eliminate the possibilities associated with the use of modern equipment. The right manufacturer and the right choice of one will make the Vintag e kitchen not only classically beautiful, but also modernly functional.


LOFRA | Vintage kitchen - space, accessories and colors


The most characteristic feature of vintage-style kitchens is, of course, space and its use. Vintage kitchens are simply designed to manage the space and its values. Without this, it would be impossible to arrange such a beautiful kitchen which is a vintage kitchen.

The space itself is important not only because kitchens arranged in this style should always have a table in the central part, but also because of the numerous accessories that are on the walls, countertops, tables and tables. Unlike a modern arrangement, these accessories are visible and available at hand.

The color scheme is important in the arrangement of the kitchen in a vintage style. While modern kitchens are dominated by white, sometimes black, red or blue, vintage kitchens are dominated by pastels, beige and ivory, as well as brown, orange or yellow colors. Such colors make the room look nice and warm, and this is the purpose of a vintage arrangement.


Vintage kitchen