The idyllic nature of the countryside, this motif appears in Poland not only in literature but also in everyday life. Very popular, still in the interwar period, later replaced by the pursuit of money and communist aspects of everyday life.

The idyllic nature offered by the countryside was and is also present in architecture and interior styling. Today, it comes back to it through the rustic style, which is also present in kitchen arrangements. The rustic-style kitchen is not standard, but it is still popular.


LOFRA | What characterizes a rustic kitchen


Rustic kitchen is a kitchen, the arrangement of which is based on nothing else than classic patterns that are based on the idyllic nature of the countryside. The rustic style itself alludes to this and this is what a rustic-style kitchen is like. The model for this arrangement is both the 19th century and the interwar period, when the village was a model for architects and interior designers.

Simplicity, beauty, vivid colors and rich decorations, and at the same time numerous elements of a raw interior on the walls. A very large number of napkins and fabrics, as well as colorful trays, bowls and plates. This was what characterized the country kitchen, which today is a mirror image of a rustic style kitchen.


A rustic kitchen is also a kitchen characterized by large, often open spaces. It is definitely not a small kitchen, although it can also be arranged for a rustic kitchen. However, a kitchen arranged over a large area will certainly be much better.


LOFRA | Classic furniture - what about household appliances


People who are potentially interested in arranging a kitchen in a rustic style have concerns about what equipment to buy. How will modern household appliances match with classic, colorful furniture?

Fortunately, companies such as Lofra, producing household appliances that are dedicated to retro and vintage kitchens and kitchens such as rustic kitchens, come to the rescue. Lofra produces the highest quality equipment. This equipment is packed with the latest technology, which allows for the same use of possibilities as in the case of modern kitchens.


LOFRA | Rustic style kitchen - beautiful, original and unique


There are quite a lot of characteristic features when it comes to rustic kitchens. They are certainly very beautiful kitchens, dominated by wonderful, vivid colors, beautiful spaces and numerous decorations.

Rustic kitchen is completely different from classic and that's what makes it so original. Who reaches for this type of solution? Certainly people who appreciate classic, wooden interiors. For such people, retro or rustic kitchens will be the perfect solution. Also those who value space and like accessories such as napkins, tablecloths, curtains, which are simply not available in a modern kitchen.

A rustic-style kitchen is certainly not for everyone, but anyone who appreciates originality and beauty will surely be delighted with it.


Rustic kitchen