Provencal-style kitchens, ideas for a rustic chic for lovers of the classics

Provencal-style kitchens are a classic choice for those who want to recreate a retro setting, but with an elegant and non-obvious twist. In order to arrange it in the right way, however, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines, so as not to make mistakes and not to exceed the trivialities.


For whom is the Provencal style suitable?

Provencal-style kitchens may seem exaggerated and too classic in the eyes of those looking for modern design. On the contrary, their romantic and traditional aspect makes them the right choice for those who love tradition or want to decorate their home, or even better a country house, without forgetting tradition. This choice is also ideal for those who have plenty of space at their disposal and want a kitchen that is the beating heart of the whole home.


The color scheme of the kitchen in the Provencal style

One of the first steps in arranging a romantic Provencal kitchen is the selection of colors and a combination of typical shades of this style is the first step to the appropriate equipment of this kitchen. Yellow, blue, light blue, pastel green and classic lavender color are the main shades of trim, accessories or decorations.


Provencal style and materials used in the kitchen

When choosing a new kitchen, you immediately think about what materials will be its heroes: durable, indestructible and ready for any stress. But which of them are suitable for the Provencal style? In this case, the choice must be wood, preferably bleached or with an etched look, combined with wall units with frosted glass doors that will increase its brightness.


Perfect LOFRA kitchens in the Provencal style

If you have fallen in love with the Provencal style and are wondering which LOFRA kitchen is perfect for your desires, we have the right answer. Model DolceVita BIANCO PERLA | RBPD96MFTE / Ci is for you! Its retro and romantic look combined with a solid wooden structure of the furniture will give your kitchen a unique character.

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