Retro Lofra kitchen - timeless style

A good gas cooker is the basis of every professionally equipped gastronomic establishment, regardless of its business profile or size. The best models should combine functionality with an aesthetic appearance. What other features must an ideal gas cooker have?


A classy gas kitchen

An important feature of an ideal gas cooker is that it is easy to use and keep it clean. It is therefore important that it is made of a material - on the one hand resistant to dirt, and on the other hand, easy to clean.

A digital programmer is also a useful solution. Ideal gas cookers are also a multifunctional structure, favoring the possibility of simultaneous preparation of many dishes in various forms (boiled, fried, baked) or several dishes for a specified number of guests.

Thanks to this, the work of a cook becomes a real pleasure. The appearance of the kitchen itself is also important. Manufacturers give us a whole range of such devices. These are both classic kitchens, distinguished by their simplicity and elegance, as well as kitchens with a modern, interesting style.


Invest in experience!

When looking for a kitchen for your gastronomic establishment, it is worth choosing brands that can be complemented by their long presence on the market. This is the case, for example , in the case of the Italian company Lofra, which has been producing gas and electric cookers and cooker hoods for over 50 years.


Retro Lofra cookers are a series of multi-burner gas cookers, embodying all the features of this type of ideal devices. They are a combination of sophisticated style and functionality. It is expressed by the neat and elegant design of each device and its wide range of colors.


In addition, each Retro Lofra kitchen offers customers a lot of solutions that guarantee more efficient and effective cooking. The elements enhancing the functionality of these kitchens are a multifunction oven, a tempered glass oven door, often a digital programmer, enamelled, easy-to-clean oven, adjustable feet and a fire protection.