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ALFA Pizza Forni garden pizza oven - a higher level of grilling

Do you associate preparing meals in the open air with acrid smoke, fighting with kindling and wind? It's high time to say goodbye to uncomfortable charcoal grills and open up to a completely new experience. Meet the gas-fired garden pizza oven - high-class devices that will allow you to develop your culinary passion without any restrictions.

Garden gas pizza ovens ALFA Pizza Veneers for amateurs and professionals

Garden pizza oven ALFA Pizza Forni - The gas-fired garden pizza ovens we offer will turn every meeting in the garden into a real feast in a truly Italian style. The original devices will allow you to quickly prepare traditional pizza on a crispy, thin crust, meat, fruit and vegetables, and even home-made bread or dough. Each device is equipped with a fireproof working surface made of chamotte plates and a stainless steel dome. The garden gas-powered pizza oven takes just a moment to reach the desired temperature (in five minutes the temperature in the chamber rises to 500 ° C). The operation of the device can be easily controlled using a knob and a pyrometer. The available models include mobile gas grills mounted directly on the supporting surface or mobile garden stoves mounted on a rack with wheels. The stainless steel housing is resistant to external factors, thanks to which the equipment retains its pristine form for many years of intensive use in a demanding external environment.

Gas grills and garden stoves for gas pizza ALFA Pizza Forni - trust the experts of the Lofra brand

The garden gas pizza oven ALFA Pizza Forni presented in the Lofra.pl online store will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers looking for complete solutions for their garden. Carefully designed devices combine absolute durability with refined aesthetics. We have no doubt that the values of our devices will be appreciated by both amateurs of weekend cooking for loved ones and professionals expecting reliable and advanced solutions for whom cooking in the garden is a true art.