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LOFRA | Multifunctional garden oven | FONTANA Divino 80

1120 x 880 x 1640 (h) mm

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LOFRA | FONTANA FORNI Garden stoves for your unique garden, discover the best garden stoves right in the heart of Italy. We are the world leader in this field.

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For the most demanding cooking enthusiasts, a multi-functional oven that can prepare up to three different dishes at the same time. Born for baking bread, lasagna and all kinds of roasts, both fish and meat. Heated to 450 degrees, it is perfect for baking pizza and many typical international dishes, such as Swiss "gratin", German "flamkuchen" or Ligurian farinata.



  • When creating the furnace and its contribution, the quality was ranked in order to make the production complete stocks the next year. The furnace in its design has:
  • heat-resistant windows
  • closing system for closing the furnace
  • the structure of the furnace is made of acid-resistant stainless steel
  • the structure of the furnace lined with 12 cm thick heat-resistant mineral wool.
  • chamber sides also lined with chamotte plates
  • ignite the stove equipped with a control valve
  • also as a proofing chamber

INDIRECT furnace - or indirectly fired furnaces - traditional technology with high-quality engineering.

In an indirect wood-fired oven, combustion takes place in a separate chamber in which the food is baked, separating the two chambers between them.

This way, smoke does not come into contact with the preparations as it escapes through the chimney. This function allows the oven to cook several dishes at the same time, meeting the requirements of the most demanding food enthusiasts.

Ovens of this type, thanks to their special technology, are able to reach high temperatures in a short time, maintaining a constant temperature and allowing for many hours of cooking, reducing the heating time of typical traditional ovens.

This system also allows the use of proportionally very little wood for cooking, which provides exceptional comfort, convenience and a significant saving of time and money.

Roasting on a wood fire guarantees unbeatable results in terms of perfect cooking, aroma and strong reduction of fat, thanks to the generated high caloric power.

The indirect wood-burning oven was invented 30 years ago by Giovanni Fontana, with the express purpose of creating a cooking solution that avoids the installation and operational difficulties typical of a traditional refractory stove, but above all provides the possibility of uninterrupted cooking for many hours, avoiding the inconvenience of heating typical of traditional ovens.

1. Combined cooking

The dual ventilation system draws in and pushes vapors containing odors and fats sideways towards the hot surfaces, the refractory sides eliminate them, allowing you to cook different foods (e.g. fish, vegetables, pasta) at the same time without mixing the aromas.


2. Ready to use

The oven is already assembled by experienced craftsmen, which avoids wasting time or additional assembly costs.


3. Even heat distribution

Fontana is the only company in its industry to offer a cooking chamber with a traditional, rounded vaulted shape: this solution, although more expensive than the flat chambers of the competition, allows for optimal and more even distribution of heat.


4. Easy to clean

The side and rear panels of the cooking compartment can be easily removed for perfect cleaning, even in the dishwasher. In addition, the peculiar design of the Fontana stove, which allows it to reach very high temperatures, allows you to burn fat, thus facilitating the cleaning of stubborn dirt.


5. Movable

Thanks to the solid wheels, the stove can be placed anywhere and stored in the garage in winter. 6. Rapid heating It only takes 30 minutes to reach 300 ° C and start cooking.

Portable grill | The DIVINO 80 indirect fired stove is a compact and distinctive device. It takes five minutes to assemble and it's time to start cooking!

Technical data:

  • Weight: 330 kg
  • Dimensions: 1120 x 880 x 1640 (h) cm
  • Baking area: 800 x 450 x 420 (h) cm
  • Pizza capacity: 2 pieces
  • Bread capacity: 4 - 6 kg
  • Smoke temperature: 190 ° C
  • Power: Wood



  • Fireclay plate (78,5 x 40 cm) x 1 pc.
  • Large trays (72 x 36 cm) x 3 pcs.
  • Grill grates x 3 pcs.
  • Chimney x 1 pc.
  • Stainless steel front table top x 1
  • Side top made of stainless steel x 1 pc.

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