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LOFRA was founded in 1956 by the Lovato brothers, who in the post-war period started their activity in the production of boilers from materials left over from the war. Then the brothers moved to the production of cookers, small heating stoves and finally to stainless steel gas cookers to meet the basic needs of consumers.


The real breakthrough came in the mid-1980s, when the management and control of the company was taken over by the sons of the founders, who successfully gave the first organizational and management structures. It was an absolute novelty in the landscape of Northeast Italian industry. In these years, the company grows, paying special attention to the quality of its products, through market research and analysis, the company strengthens its leading position in the production of gas cookers and high-quality stoves.



Exclusive RETRO LOFRA style gas cookers for households - Rainbow Cookers, DolceVita, Special and Curva. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the currently available offer of exclusive Lofra RETRO gas cookers. See kitchens in four, five, six and seven-burner versions, additionally equipped with one or two ovens. A good gas cooker is the basic element of every kitchen equipment. Do not wait, see our offer now.


Bet not only on the high quality of the product, but also on its unique and stylish design. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer and contact us, if in doubt about choosing the best gas cooker for household appliances - our staff will be happy to advise you!



Since we are talking about retro, it should be said what a retro-style kitchen really is. It is a style of kitchen arrangement based on American kitchens, which were made in the 70's and 80's of the twentieth century. Of course, kitchens, which can still be seen in many American films, are the model, not the tacky, collapsing popular kitchens in the Polish People's Republic. The retro style draws a lot from the popular vintage style, which is dominated by raw, decorated wood, color and a lot of accessories that, instead of hidden in drawers or cabinets, are completely on top.


The retro-style kitchen is therefore a response to the modern, relatively simple and currently very popular kitchen arrangement trend. It focuses on classic patterns, warmer colors, accessories and personalizing the kitchen, which is not supposed to be as perfect and raw as in the case of a modern style.



You are surely wondering what about kitchen equipment, because if the retro style does it also have to be retro in the kitchen? Well no. There are more and more companies that operate on the market producing retro-style kitchen equipment and appliances, which, however, is full of the latest technology. This allows you to buy the same class of kitchen equipment as if you were buying it for a kitchen arranged in a modern style.


The equipment itself in this case is just as important. On the other hand, the producers have made an effort to discreetly hide what may indicate the modernity of the available equipment. So it happened. First of all, retro style kitchen equipment is fully built-in or properly "masked". From the outside, it may look like the 70's, while inside it hides the latest technology and electronics.


Retro style is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, modern, simple and even sterile kitchens are getting bored. Color returns to favor, apparent disorder and what is so important in kitchens, i.e. warmth, reminiscent of a mother's or grandmother's real home cooking.



As an Italian manufacturer of household appliances, we offer you products created with passion and commitment. Lofra is a place where quality and tradition meet the latest technological creations.

We offer a wide range of products suitable for any style of kitchen - from classic to modern. Each product is designed to fit any kitchen environment, bringing more value to the heart of your home.


Lofra always knows how to meet your needs.



The quality of selected materials, which favors functionality and is environmentally friendly. A wide range of solutions, the fruit of advanced research to meet every requirement. Creativity that is expressed in sophisticated design and fancy forms. Total security guaranteed by the most important institutions in the industry. Highest performance with lowest consumption. The ability to combine the excellence of a company with over 60 years of experience with Italian good taste, recognized all over the world.

Grills | Pizza garden ovens are designed and created to guarantee excellent baking results in pizza, bread, meat and food.
They ensure high baking efficiency both in the open-air kitchen and in the garden, thanks to the use of materials with high insulating properties and resistant to bad weather conditions and moisture. These are hand-made wood or gas-fired garden stoves that will decorate your home, garden.