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Built-in gas hobs, 75 cm

Stylish, modern and extremely functional, in other words, SIRIO - a hob that will delight every trendsetter looking for unconventional solutions for their kitchen. Get to know the 75 cm built-in gas hobs from the SIRO line and warm up the dreams of a stylish kitchen to red.

Five-burner gas hobs - enjoy cooking!

Why is it worth replacing a classic cooker with a stylish SIRIO hob? The answer is simple: our built-in gas hobs 75 cm combine visual qualities and maximum functionality. Five-burner gas hobs with an extended work surface give you great freedom when preparing a feast consisting of many dishes. One of the five efficient, energy-saving Sabaf Series III burners is distinguished by triple power enabling intensive, accelerated operation. The SIRIO plate is available in two color versions - white and black.

There is no risk involved in using gas hobs from our collection. The safety of you and your loved ones is ensured by the Gaz-Stop system, which immediately blocks the gas supply in the event of the flame extinguishing. Like other Lofra appliances, the 75 cm SIRIO built-in gas hobs meet the stringent CEE safety standards.

Retro built-in gas hobs SIRIO - a romance of classic and modern

The five-burner gas hobs from the SIRIO series that we offer perfectly match the trends in design. The remarkable design meets innovative functionality with retro design, which is increasingly becoming an inspiration for interior designers. By combining minimalist furniture, retro built-in gas hobs, an oven, a microwave oven and other devices with a timeless line, you create a tasteful interior in which cooking takes on a whole new depth, stimulating the taste buds and imagination.