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Built-in induction hobs

One of the most important parts of any kitchen furniture is the hob. Built-in induction hobs dominate most of the kitchens designed according to the latest architectural trends. Minimalistic plates that blend in with the table top, without classic burners, look great, and at the same time are distinguished by high functionality. To all demanding customers looking for kitchen equipment of an unrivaled standard, we present 60 cm built-in induction hobs from the LUNA line - modern equipment that will make you love cooking again.

LUNA - modern 60 cm built-in induction hobs

LUNA built-in 60 cm induction hobs are equipped with four cooking zones of different power and size, which enable convenient and effective processing of food from larger and smaller dishes. The LUNA model will especially appeal to responsible parents - thanks to a special protection, the youngest members of the household will be completely safe. By adding this model to your assortment, you can forget about scrubbing dried, burnt residues. Even during intensive cooking, its surface remains cool, which makes it much easier to keep it impeccably clean. LUNA built-in induction hobs have the highest efficiency class A. Listing the advantages of the LUNA hob, it is impossible not to mention its trouble-free operation.

Elegance closed in a simple form

Are you looking for a hob that will blend in with a minimalist, cool arrangement? Or maybe you need discreet equipment for a kitchen inspired by the Scandinavian style? We have no doubts that the LUNA model will perfectly pass the exam in your kitchen, regardless of its style. The built-in induction hob made of matt black material is characterized by a universal design that fits any interior.