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Retro style dishwashers

Washing dishes by hand is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The arrival of dishwashers on the market made work in the kitchen much easier, saving water, saving valuable time and ensuring comfort. The designers who co-created the Lofra brand decided on their forms in favor of stylish designs inspired by a retro stylist. The combination of innovation to depart from classic technology and tasteful design has resulted in the creation of unconventional equipment with a practical and decorative function. Retro dishwasher, this is the result of their work.

Stylish retro dishwashers - the kitchen is pampered in the details

Retro dishwashers presented in our catalog are available in four color variants (burgundy, black, ivory and silver). A discreet decoration of each model is an oblong handle in a golden shade. Retro-style dishwashers are designed to be built-in.
The advantages of retro dishwashers do not end with their effective housing. To discover the full potential of the equipment, just open the door and learn about the advanced functions. The spacious interior is equipped with space for 14 plates and as many as 3 baskets for cutlery and small items. When starting the appliance, you can choose from 9 programs suited to the number of dishes and the degree of soiling. The completion of work is indicated by a light and sound signal. A 24-hour timer allows you to start washing at any time. The device is equipped with an electronic water softener.

Retro dishwashers - Lofra guarantees quality

Stylish retro-style dishwashers are distinguished by very good parameters. You don't have to worry about water or electricity consumption. Energy efficiency class A ++ - ensures maximum efficiency of the device. Importantly, the dishwasher uses only 0.64 liters of water to wash one set of dishes. The equipment launched in the evening will not interfere with a peaceful rest, as each model is characterized by extremely quiet operation.

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