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CURVA stainless steel gas cookers

The taste of hand-made dishes is influenced by many factors - the skill of the cook, the quality of ingredients, proportions and the method of processing. We have no influence on whether you can boast of a professional sense. We can provide you with tools that - with a little bit of your input - will allow you to come closer to the ideal. Here are the CURVA stainless steel gas cookers - high-class equipment, thanks to which every kitchen enthusiast will feel an appetite for more.

Inox gas cookers - safety and convenience

CURVA stainless steel gas cookers are available in three variants, which differ in size, and thus also in the number of burners. All Inox gas cookers are equipped with Sabaf Series III valve burners ensuring efficient, even heating with minimal energy consumption. You do not have to worry about your own safety and that of your loved ones. The CURVA model, like other gas cookers with the Lofra logo, meet the stringent CEE safety standards and are equipped with the "Gas-Stop" system that immediately blocks the gas supply in the event of an uncontrolled extinction of the flame.

It is impossible not to mention the durability and reliability of the equipment. The main building material of Inox gas cookers is stainless steel - a high-quality metal that perfectly works in a demanding kitchen environment. Stainless steel gas cookers look beautiful and, in addition, it is extremely easy to keep them spotlessly clean.

Universal CURVA stainless steel gas cookers welcome in every kitchen

Timeless retro, modern, raw simplicity, or maybe Scandinavian, warm minimalism? Regardless of what style dominates your kitchen, you can be sure that the CURVA model will harmoniously fit into the composition. Made entirely of stainless steel, Inox gas cookers are perfect representatives of a design that never becomes out of date. Forms devoid of unnecessary ornaments will blend in with any building, becoming an integral part of it.