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Garden pizza oven, wood-fired ALFA Pizza Forni - enjoy the summer

A beautiful, carefully manicured garden will also be fully functional when you add comfortable furniture and high-quality equipment. Every moment spent outdoors with the family will have an even deeper taste, when the meeting on the terrace will be made even more pleasant by dishes served straight from the hot grill. Standard charcoal grills are a thing of the past. This summer, they will be replaced by wood-fired garden pizza ovens - high-quality equipment that will transform your home area into an outdoor kitchen.

ALFA Pizza Forni garden pizza oven - discover the master in you | Pizza garden ovens

The ALFA Pizza Forni garden pizza oven offered by the Lofra brand combines modern solutions with a traditional processing method, valued primarily by Italian chefs. Until recently, you could only enjoy a perfectly baked, crispy pizza from a wood-fired oven in the best places. Today you can prepare an Italian specialty yourself in the comfort of your garden. All wood grills presented on our website are designed based on FORNINOX technology. In the devices, a refractory base of fireclay bricks is combined with a structure made of noble stainless steel, which provides the furnaces with high resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses caused by high temperatures. Replaceable chamotte plates gradually absorb and release heat, ensuring optimal conditions for the processed foods. The wood-fired garden pizza oven will meet the expectations of not only pizza gourmets, but also passionate chefs who love culinary experiments . In these devices you can prepare, among others, homemade bread, meat, dishes cooked in clay dishes and cakes.

Wood-fired garden pizza ovens ALFA Pizza Forni - Lofra standard

In the rich offer you will find garden pizza stoves and ALFA Pizza Forni wood grills with different designs and colors. Regardless of which model will be in your garden, you can be sure that you have chosen an advanced device that meets stringent food processing standards.