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LOFRA - tradition and modernity

The exclusive LOFRA gas or induction cooker is one where everything is in its place. It is a user-friendly kitchen where it is fun to work. For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home, regardless of its size, space or location. The kitchen is simply meant to be a place where you can work with pleasure.

Lofra are kitchens with character, combining great classics with modern solutions.


Modern kitchen appliances from LOFRA Italy

Lofra is a company with traditions that has been producing kitchen equipment for years. It presents its clients with a complete offer. Modern freestanding kitchens , great built-in plates , specialized and always functional household appliances . This is all that is needed in any kitchen to prepare great meals for the whole family. How much does a modern built-in oven change in the kitchen, equipped with functions that allow you to bake everything from cakes to vegetables or meat in it. Easy to clean and maintain hygiene, it guarantees a great meal in all conditions.


The dream kitchen is just LOFRA

Lofra are products of the highest class, available in various forms. Each Lofra product has been prepared to ensure its maximum functionality and work efficiency.


When choosing kitchen equipment from the Lofra offer, you choose:

  • modern solutions
  • wonderful and reliable equipment,
  • full manufacturer's warranty,
  • the uniqueness of your kitchen, where classic meets modernity.


Lofra Italy are solutions for the kitchen that we can successfully call considerable. Beautiful Italian style, combining classic exterior, combined with modern, reliable electronics and mechanics inside. Safety that guarantees efficiency, and at the same time ensures perfect design thanks to the designers' years of work. These are the Lofra kitchen appliances.


We recommend Lofra to anyone looking for professional and modern solutions in the kitchen, combined with the beauty and classics of design.