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ekspres do kawy retro

LOFRA | A coffee machine, whether it's a standard or an unnecessary expense

We all know how tasty freshly ground coffee from an espresso machine can be. We often drink it in cafes and even buy it at stations. Good coffee beans, good quality espresso machine and a moment…
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nowoczesna lodówka

LOFRA | Refrigerators equipped with modern technological solutions

Technology and modern electronic solutions are very often used also in the household appliances and small household appliances industry. No wonder, household appliances are devices that we require…
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LOFRA | Rustic kitchens - furniture, lighting, colors

Country kitchen is the kitchen, which also belong to the mainstream of the kitchen, which refer to the classics. This trend is becoming more and more popular and both vintage, rustic, retro and…
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LOFRA | Everything you need to know before buying a gas hob

A built-in gas hob is the basic device with which every kitchen is equipped. Used for frying and cooking, and also for heating. Apart from gas hobs, induction hobs are also used in home…
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LOFRA | Retro-style kitchen is a combination of classic and modern

Kitchen arrangements are constantly changing. Today, in addition to modern kitchen, customers can take advantage of many different alternatives, including a retro-style kitchen . Choosing such…
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LOFRA | Vintage kitchen furniture - what to pay attention to

Vintage kitchen is a kitchen, the style of which is a kind of combination between rustic, retro and modern kitchen. Full of accessories, interesting solutions and at the same time…
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LOFRA | How to make the most of the capabilities and functions of a microwave oven

The microwave oven is a relatively new device. It has been used in domestic kitchens since more or less the mid-90s, when microwave prices dropped significantly. Today, the retro microwave oven…
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LOFRA | Induction cooker - comfortable, functional and effective

Induction is a technologically known solution for many years. However, this solution was not used in domestic use until the 1990s, when the production of induction cookers began on a large…
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LOFRA | Garden pizza ovens ALFA Pizza Forni - buy or build?

Alfa Pizza Forni garden pizza ovens are devices that are becoming more and more popular in our gardens. More and more people decide to buy or build it. What is better to do? Buy or build your own…
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