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5-burner SOLE built-in hobs

Standard four-burner hobs are not able to catch up with your pace in the kitchen? It is not worth wasting time on half-measures - it's time to give yourself room for unlimited creativity. To all avid cooks who are not satisfied with basic solutions anymore, we present with great satisfaction the 90 built-in gas hobs with five burners.

SOLE - modern built-in gas hobs 90

90 built-in gas hobs from the SOLE line are equipped with burners from the Sabaf Series III line (among the burners there is one with a triple power). Modern technological solutions allow for quick, even and maximally economical processing of food. Each burner comes in a duet with a stable, durable cast iron grate, which for many years retains its impeccable form despite intensive use and contact with water, high temperature and detergents. The advantage of SOLE models is an interesting and practical decorative accent in the form of a white ceramic base with a motif of olives on the cutlery.

However, aesthetics is not everything. Our devices also combine practical features and, above all, safety for users. Each cooker presented in the Lofra catalog meets the stringent CEE safety standards. Importantly, if the flame goes out during operation, the "Gas-Stop" system will immediately cut off the gas supply.

Modernity with a classic twist

5-burner built-in hobs are the best proof that unrivaled functionality and refined aesthetics can go hand in hand with each other. Designers designing SOLE boards looked for inspiration in the design characteristic of the bygone era. We proudly admit that the combination of modern elegance with retro elements has brought a phenomenal effect. Thanks to our knowledge, creativity and experience, we can provide you with a complete, refined and original product, thanks to which you will discover your kitchen anew.