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Gas stove with electric oven

We offer modern and functional retro gas-electric cookers. It is an ideal proposition for those who pay attention not only to the number of available functions, but also to the design. We provide the best brands and a wide range of models.

A gas stove with an electric oven will be perfect for any home. It is a model that allows you to freely prepare dinner or any other meal. We can use up to five burners at the same time, which saves a lot of time. A 5-burner gas cooker with an electric oven is a perfect proposition for families with children or people who like to cook. It will be a good choice for large rooms. If we do not have too much space, it is worth betting on standard-size equipment. The 90 cm gas cooker is an intermediate version that allows comfortable cooking and at the same time can be placed in a medium-sized room.


A 6 burner stove is a proposal for the most demanding. Thanks to it, we can prepare a large number of dishes quickly and efficiently. A greater number of burners is a great convenience when we often organize events or family gatherings. It is also a good choice when the building is inhabited by a large number of people. Retro gas-electric cookers can have hot air, grill function or automatic cleaning. An interesting option is ovens divided into two or even three chambers.