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Retro gas-electric stove

A retro cooker is a very expressive and character-giving element. You can use equipment such as a retro gas cooker or a retro gas electric cooker. These are free-standing cookers that look like appliances from the old days. They can be small and simple, or have many hidden functions.

Retro style gas cooker, i.e. retro freestanding gas cooker

When arranging an apartment, you should choose the style of its interior that matches the room and the personality of the user. One of the main rooms to be arranged is the kitchen. Today, there are many methods of decorating a kitchen, one of which is the use of retro style. This style is characterized by a simple, wooden finish, reminiscent of the interior of the last century. Bright wooden furniture and antique accessories are the main elements of a kitchen decorated in this style. They should be simple and stylish. Matched to the dimensions and arrangement of the room. An important element that gives the characteristic appearance is a gas stove . In our store you can find 5-burner gas cookers and retro gas cookers. Their appearance is similar to the items used in the past, but their functionality is adapted to the present day.


So what is a retro kitchen?


Retro kitchen has become synonymous with style, class and elegance that can evoke the impression of abundance and grandeur. This retro style kitchen is timeless and can be integrated into any home.

The key is simplicity, a simple shaker-style door, often painted white, with a satin finish, with a simple shell handle on the drawers and a small door knob. Bench tops in marble or imitation marble product.


Design your kitchen in a retro style with our LOFRA appliances.

Kitchens in the English style - Key elements of the design of a kitchen in a classic English style


When you think of an English-style kitchen , do you envision an old-fashioned Victorian-style kitchen? With rustic decorations, a subtle interior design that focuses on functionality. English-style kitchens delight with spaciousness and traditional patterns.

Recently, simple English kitchens have revived with a modern, simple, frugal style that is undoubtedly simple, but also very enjoyable.