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Built-in gas hobs MERCURIO

In tastefully furnished kitchens, all the equipment elements create a coherent composition. The cooker is an inseparable part of the complementary mosaic made of equipment, furniture and accessories. Aesthetes who value comfort and pay attention to details give up a free-standing device for a much more interesting solution - a built-in board in the top. We are pleased to present 60 cm built-in gas hobs from the MERCURIO line to all people looking for high-class equipment for their kitchens.

Modern solutions for demanding customers

Built-in 60 cm gas hobs from the MERCURIO line are equipped with four burners. One of them is designed for intensive, accelerated thermal treatment. On an elegant plate made of bevelled, glossy glass, there are solid grates made of cast iron - high-quality metal that copes well with high temperatures and is distinguished by outstanding resistance to mechanical damage. A thoughtful selection of materials makes the MERCURIO board easy to keep impeccably clean.

The use of our gas hobs is completely safe. Equipment with the Lofra logo meets the stringent CEE standards. In addition, each burner is equipped with the "Gas-Stop" system, which immediately blocks the gas supply in the event of an uncontrolled extinction of the flame.

Aesthetics or functionality?

You don't have to make any compromises. By choosing 60 cm built-in gas hobs from the MERCURIO line for your kitchen, you give yourself the opportunity to conveniently prepare meals in a beautiful and refined scenery. The designers who co-created the Lofra brand were inspired by the immortal retro style when designing the MERCURIO model. The combination of timeless forms with modern elegance has brought surprising results. The MERCURIO plate is available in two color versions - white and black.