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DOLCE VITA retro gas hobs

When browsing the catalogs of the leading brands of furniture dedicated to kitchens, it is impossible not to notice the importance of classic, timeless furniture. In order for luxury furniture to reveal its full potential to you, it should be supplemented with appropriate, stylistically coherent devices. The answer to the needs of connoisseurs who value good, stylish design are retro gas hobs from the DOLCE VITA line. The tiles, refined in terms of aesthetics and usability, will not only not disturb the concept, but will even become an integral part of it.

Gas hobs - retro with a modern twist

Effective, economical, functional, easy to keep in immaculate cleanliness ... We have no doubt that retro gas hobs will meet the expectations of the most demanding cooking enthusiasts. Dolce VITA hobs, like other cookers bearing the Lofra logo, have the highest efficiency class A. The five or four-burner hobs are equipped with new Sabaf Series III burners supplemented with cast iron grates - a material that is unmatched in the kitchen. Cast iron is easy to clean, is resistant to high temperature, water and detergents, thanks to which the plate looks impeccable for many years despite everyday, intensive use. The installed "Gas-Stop" system prevents gas from escaping when the flame goes out by itself.

DOLCE VITA retro gas hobs - find the perfect version for you

Are you looking for a stylish plate that will blend in with a bright countertop? Or maybe, instead of white or cream colors, you appreciate subdued, universal colors? Retro gas hobs are available in three colors. Each of them is refined down to the smallest detail. Decorative knobs, perfectly smooth plate and grates in original shapes make each plate look beautiful on the countertop and bring the old-fashioned chic to the kitchen composition.