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Professional retro-style gas cookers

Who said that a private kitchen must give way to spaces occupied by professionals in terms of functionality? Thanks to Lofra equipment, you will be able to spread your wings and awaken your dormant talent. To all those who want to feel like an experienced chef, it is with great satisfaction that we present professional gas cookers 120 cm - high-class equipment that will breathe a completely new quality into every kitchen.

Professional gas cookers 120 cm - taste life on your own terms

Extensive work surface, enabling the processing of many products at the same time, outstanding performance (class A), energy efficiency, and an elegant, refined finish. Nothing sums up better models from the line dedicated to the greatest lovers of cooking. Professional retro-style gas cookers are equipped with single-element cooktops. The specific structure, free from gaps and joints, makes keeping the board impeccably clean is not the slightest challenge. Each device has an electronic switch integrated with the knob, new Sabaf Series III burners, solid grates made of long-lasting, almost indestructible cast iron and an easy-to-use, innovative control panel. You don't have to worry about your own and your household's safety. All cookers presented in the Lofra catalog meet the stringent CEE safety standards, and each burner is equipped with a Gas-Stop system that blocks the gas supply in case the flame goes out.

Style in the kitchen edition, i.e. professional retro-style gas cookers

Listing the advantages of cookers from the professional line, it is impossible to ignore their refined appearance. Inspired by a timeless retro style, devices are the best proof that devices with a seemingly practical role can be not only functional, but also beautiful. The sale includes models in several fashionable, expressive colors, both classic and original, not often found in kitchen interiors.