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Retro style gas cookers RAINBOW COOKER

Are you looking for a practical cooker unsuccessfully, which on the one hand will provide you with maximum comfort during everyday food preparation, and on the other will become an expressive decoration of the arrangement? You no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality or vice versa. Here are retro-style gas cookers from the RAINBOW COOKER series - high-class equipment that will meet the expectations of the most demanding chefs.

Retro-style gas cookers welcome in every kitchen

Do you think that the equipment inspired by the past years is losing in the competition with innovative devices with a minimalist form? It's high time to go beyond the scheme and learn about global trends. Retro-style gas cookers are very popular among customers and designers. And no wonder - the decorative, original housing conceals a technologically advanced interior, which makes cooking, baking and grilling more effective, easier and more enjoyable. Retro-style gas cookers from the RAINBOW COOKER line with an electric oven are equipped with extremely efficient Sabaf Series III burners that ensure even cooking. The safety of using the cooker is ensured by the "Gas-Stop" system. Handles, knobs and other housing elements remain cool despite intensive use of the device. Retro-style gas cookers are made entirely of materials that are easy to keep impeccably clean.

RANIBOW COOKER - stylish retro-style gas cookers

Subdued black, expressive burgundy, delicate white, or maybe elegant silver? Decide for yourself which variant will best suit your kitchen decor. Retro-style gas stoves are available in many variants that differ in size and color. Each model presented on the website refers to the iconic and timeless vintage style in its form.