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LOFRA gas stove - A touch of tradition, enhanced by the latest technological achievements | Retro kitchen


Retro kitchen - a high-class gas stove is the queen of every kitchen. An increasing number of interior designers do not hide it because of the buildings that blend in with the furniture. On the contrary - the retro cooker becomes an eye-catching component with a functional and aesthetic function. To all those looking for stylish kitchen equipment of an unrivaled standard, we are pleased to present free-standing gas cookers designed in an immortal retro style.

Free-standing gas cooker in a retro style - a classic in a modern version

Freestanding gas cooker - modern Retro kitchen with Lofra brand in the lead role is a creative space where the present mixes with the past. The freestanding retro-style kitchen we offer combines design inspired by the past years with functions characteristic of innovative equipment made on the basis of the latest technology. Retro freestanding gas cookers are available in many versions that differ in design, colors and dimensions, which allows you to find a variant harmoniously suited to your building.

Lofra gas cooker - top class freestanding gas cookers | Retro kitchen

Gas stove with an electric oven - Free-standing gas cookers presented in the Lofra catalog are complete appliances. Each model is made of materials (mainly high-gloss stainless steel with protection against scratches) resistant to external factors and easy to keep impeccably clean. The advantage of gas cookers with an electric oven is the heating plate made of one element, which eliminates the possibility of dirt accumulation in the gaps. Importantly, all Lofra retro kitchens are awarded the A performance class and meet the stringent CEE safety standards. Elegant, perfectly finished freestanding kitchens will make preparing meals not a chore, but a source of pure pleasure.


Gas stove with an electric oven LOFRA - Italian Retro Kitchens

Gas stove with electric oven - elegant and professional touch of stainless steel combined with wonderful glass finishes and sophisticated technology of these products allow our chefs to enjoy 100% modern solutions. The retro cooker is 100% Italian.


Rustic style kitchens - rustic kitchen decor

Today, rustic kitchens remain an object of admiration. This is combined with both a surprisingly harmonious style and a stunning atmosphere of warmth, comfort and friendliness. Every element of the interior and décor of a rustic home has been specially designed to create a fascinating, pleasant look.


Despite the simplicity of forms and natural materials, rustic kitchens never seem raw and neglected. Thoughtful work on the design allows you to create an environment that looks quite sophisticated, airy and expensive. The most pleasant thing is that this harmony can be achieved without frightening expenses!


We offer you to create the perfect rustic kitchen with a reasonable budget and we will provide you with some ideas and tips for this purpose.


Provencal-style kitchens are the epitome of class, sophistication and elegance, and every home needs it!

Provencal-style kitchens have become one of the most sought after in the world. After all, who wouldn't want to have the iconic Provencal cuisine in their home? From beautiful bistro chairs to rustic carved cupboards. They are surrounded by an earthy, warm atmosphere as they cook and eat their most important hearty meals.

Provencal kitchens are often distinguished by strong signs of elegance and sophistication, often referring to the rural way of life. For example, a typical French country kitchen has a distinctive mustard yellow and warm red color - reflecting the world outside the kitchen door.

Provencal-style kitchens never go out of style. With distinctive patterns, from the style of the chairs to the toning of the walls, it is evergreen. Provencal cuisine can bring beauty to any home. Regardless of whether you choose a kitchen with a modern twist or one with a tradition radiant in every way, it will bring refined joy, elegance and style to your home.


American-style kitchens - a real daydream

Large, luxurious, comfortable and super-equipped: American-style kitchens are a real daydream. Here are some ideas to introduce a unique atmosphere even in the walls of our homes

We are used to seeing them in the cinema, TV series and sitcoms, and they are always large, beautiful, luxurious and equipped with every comfort. Yes, because American-style kitchens look!

A large two-door refrigerator, roomy, technological and rigorously made of steel - like all appliances - the refrigerator is one of the central and truly essential elements of an American-style kitchen.

The kitchen in the home is considered central and most important, whether or not it is used for cooking in the first place. It is a place where family and friends gather, and above all, where life is shared, and it must be large, bright, classy, timeless and technologically advanced.


LOFRA Loft Kitchen - most often classified in the category of small kitchens.

Even with a small size, you can design your loft kitchen to look elegant and larger. When designing a loft kitchen, you need to think about the maximum use of space.

The only thing that will make design easier is choosing the perfect size elements. Choose elements that will perfectly fit into the space of your loft kitchen. The kitchen area should also be used to the maximum. This will help to avoid unused spots.

Lighting fixtures are also very important when designing a loft kitchen. You can install a kitchen island with our LOFRA kitchens. Always remember to choose the appropriate length of pendant luminaires; they should not be too low.

The subject of a loft kitchen should always blend in perfectly with other parts of the apartment, even if the color scheme is different.


Vintage kitchen - vintage kitchen

The development of technology has led to significant progress and changes also in interior design, including kitchen design. Today, over 80% of kitchens are styled in a modern look, while some of us prefer the classic style. In this case, retro kitchen appliances from Lofra come to the rescue. Technologically advanced and modern, classically designed in a vintage style. It is a retro cooker that fits perfectly where a vintage kitchen is made.


Lofra - rustic kitchens professional, reliable and beautiful equipment

Lofra is an Italian producer of top-class household appliances, adapted to vintage kitchens, i.e. classic retro kitchens, combined with modern technology. This is how all devices by Lofra were designed. From the outside, they are characterized by a great classic look, details and finishes resemble classic Provencal-style kitchens, they are perfect for a vintage style. Inside, the equipment is equipped with the latest technology, solutions that make it ultra efficient, durable and functional.


Vintage kitchen is a retro kitchen that combines innovation with the classics. A kitchen that is perfect for houses built in a classic style, with high rooms and long windows. So if the kitchen is adjacent to a living room full of wood, deep and soft carpets, and is also made in a way that is unusual for today, then the Lofra equipment will be perfect for it. It is a beautiful, precisely finished and remarkably made device that, apart from aesthetic values, has great technical and technological advantages.


Lofra equipment - for stylish retro kitchens

The Lofra brand is one of the most recognizable and respected brands that produce high-quality household appliances used in Vintage kitchens. This brand has found a niche where it is important to combine modernity and functionality with innovative solutions that they are supposed to provide. Rustic kitchens are one of the essential elements of the Lofra brand offer. Functional, modern, "wrapped" in a classic design that gives them an amazing and unusual look. As a manufacturer, Lofra tries not only to make their freestanding retro kitchens look great, but also to meet technical and functional expectations.


Vintage LOFRA kitchen - stylish and functional retro kitchen

The dominant style in kitchen arrangements has been modern for several years. Modern rustic kitchens , combining matte or glossy fronts, modern, steel styling and extraordinary "cleanliness" and "simplicity" have found their application in most of our homes. This trend is normal as these types of kitchens are available everywhere. For people who value a different, classic style, a vintage kitchen is the perfect choice.


Rustic kitchens - What is vintage style in the kitchen

Vintage, as the name suggests, is something of a combination of classic design

with modern technological solutions. This is also what characterizes high-quality Lofra appliances. At GastroProdukt, we have been cooperating with the Lofra brand for many years. A manufacturer of household appliances and small household appliances intended for classic or vintage kitchens .

What are the characteristics of this type of equipment? First of all, it is:

  • design and design corresponding to the classic style, a wealth of decorations and finishes,
  • unusual reproduction of the classic furniture style,
  • professional performance,
  • innovative, state-of-the-art technology with which all Lofra equipment is equipped.


Vintage kitchen - classic and modern

When we check Lofra equipment and look at its possibilities, we will immediately understand that a vintage kitchen , under a classic, delicate setting, full of decorations and classic solutions, hides the most modern equipment that guarantees the greatest possibilities.

Lofra ovens, microwave ovens, coffee machines, each type of equipment is a modern technology, packed in a wonderful, classic casing, full of decorations and unusual finishing elements.


A vintage style kitchen is the perfect solution for someone who appreciates classic design and great opportunities related to modern technology.

Thanks to the Lofra brand, today we can enjoy the uniqueness of classic kitchen design, combined with innovative solutions, the latest technology that has ever appeared in home kitchens.

Freestanding retro kitchen - is it worth choosing?

It cannot be denied that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the whole house, even if we do not cook much. For it to be fully thought out and functional, we need not only countertops, cabinets and pots, but also good, proven and aesthetic household appliances. In what situations can we allow ourselves to install a retro freestanding kitchen? When and in how arranged room will it work? What are the advantages of retro freestanding cookers, and what aspects should you pay attention to before buying?


1. Built-in retro kitchen and free-standing retro kitchen - what's the difference?

2. Advantages of a free-standing kitchen

3. Disadvantages of a free-standing kitchen

4. What arrangement does a free-standing kitchen fit?


Built-in retro kitchen and free-standing retro kitchen - what's the difference?

A retro cooker is one of the most important places in any kitchen, especially if we cook a lot. We can also choose from many arrangements and ways to place it in the room - it depends not only on our taste, but also on the amount of space available and the specific place where we have gas or electricity. As a rule, we can choose one of two options:

  • - built-in retro cooker , which can be hidden between the furniture and blend in with the entire kitchen segment;
  • - a freestanding retro cooker , which looks good both when placed loose and between the furniture, but without enclosing them.

Each of these choices is good as long as it meets our basic requirements and needs. The freestanding retro kitchen, however, gives us more freedom in terms of the overall arrangement of the room.


Vintage kitchen - Advantages of a free-standing kitchen

One of the biggest advantages of freestanding vintage cookers is the price. The device itself is not more expensive than its built-in counterpart, but due to the fact that we do not have to add custom-made furniture around it, it allows you to save a lot. When buying a freestanding cooker, the only dimensions we need to worry about are the width and depth of the gap between one piece of worktop and another, so that the retro kitchen fits between them. The choice of the option without built-in also means that in the event of a breakdown or replacement with a new one, we do not have to rebuild half of the room to fit the new model.

Another advantage of the free-standing version is also an interesting design. Many manufacturers have models that look very nice in themselves and can fit perfectly into an already arranged kitchen.


Retro kitchen - Disadvantages of a free-standing kitchen

Unfortunately, just like any other solution, the freestanding retro kitchen also has its drawbacks. If we have small children at home, a retro stove hidden in the furniture is a better solution - we minimize the risk that our child will accidentally turn on the burner or open the oven. By building the device in, we will make it harder for the child to find it. In addition, not always a kitchen that meets our parameters will fit the interior in terms of aesthetics.


Vintage kitchen - Which arrangement does a free-standing kitchen fit?

Free-standing vintage kitchens will work well in virtually any type of arrangement. We will find many interesting models for a modern or minimalist interior, but also their opposites - a very fashionable choice has recently been a vintage kitchen, as well as a retro kitchen. Thanks to the very large offer available on the market, if we search carefully and patiently, we will be able to easily find a cooker that matches any kitchen decor.

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