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90 cm built-in hob

One of the most important elements of the kitchen furniture is the hob - an element without which it becomes impossible to prepare even the simplest meals. Are you looking for a high-class, carefully made and energy-saving hob? You couldn't have found a better place - the 90 cm built-in hob from the MARTE line will meet even the highest expectations.

MARTE - a modern 90 cm built-in gas hob

Built-in gas hobs designed by our designers contain everything that is desired in a modern, fully functional kitchen. The model with efficiency class A is equipped with Sabaf Series III burners - four standard and one with triple, high power, allowing for quick food processing. Each burner evenly distributes the heat, which translates into the quality of the prepared dishes. The hob is made of high-quality, scratch-resistant and damage-resistant milled glass, which is extremely easy to keep spotlessly clean.

You do not have to worry about your own and your household's safety. The MARTE model, like other cookers of our production, meets the stringent CEE safety standards, and each burner is equipped with the Gas-Stop system, which immediately blocks the gas supply in the event of the flame extinguishing.

LOFRA built-in gas hobs - cooking becomes an art

We know perfectly well that the kitchen should not only be functional. An important factor influencing the comfort of preparing meals is the aesthetics of the interior. Built-in gas hobs from the MARTE line are addressed to aesthetes who want to make everyday, mundane activities a pleasure and elevate cooking to the rank of true art. A beautiful, refined form inspired by retro style will add a unique, luxurious character to the furniture. The 90 cm built-in hob from the MARTE line is available in two color versions. If you have any questions about this product, please contact our customer service department.