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FLEXO electric oven

Built-in electric ovens from the FLEXO line have been designed for demanding customers who strive for mastery in the kitchen. Replacing a standard oven with a Lofra model brings a package of benefits that you will feel, as well as the household and guests to whom you will be serving your specialties. Modern design, innovative functions, durable materials, large capacity, maximum safety and easy cleaning ... This is FLEXO - an oven that meets the highest expectations.

What do FLEXO built-in ovens hide?

Built-in ovens from the FLEXO line are available in two versions differing in size. Each variant can work in as many as 9 programs (the oven also has a grill function), which allows you to choose the optimal heating for each dish. Thanks to the electric programmer with "touch control", the control of the oven is child's play. Regardless of how long and intensively the device is used, you can be sure that the panel and all knobs will remain cool. FLEXO ovens are equipped with convenient telescopic guides, 2 steel grates and a tray. The door is made of triple-layered glass to keep heat out. The "easy to clean" enamel used in the oven makes removing greasy, dried-on dirt very easy.

Built-in ovens are a modern design in your kitchen

Template solutions are not for you? Then we have no doubt that you will not be indifferent to the FLEXO built-in oven. Original equipment with a specific, bent form will not only be practical equipment, but also a distinctive decoration of the space. The oven with subdued, deep colors and details with a shiny surface will add attractiveness and a luxurious note to the built-in furniture.