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Garden pizza oven ALFA Pizza Forni | Garden grills and pizza oven - taste straight from the Apennine peninsula

Garden pizza oven - Do you love the taste of Italian cuisine? From today, its queen, i.e. perfectly baked thin-crust pizza with your favorite toppings, can be made by yourself. The wood-fired garden pizza oven and ALFA Pizza Forni grills will help you transform your terrace into a functional kitchen straight from the Italian Campania. Check out our heels and garden grills and discover the Italian genes in you!


The wood-fired garden pizza oven ALFA Pizza Forni - your Italian Dolce Vita

Garden pizza oven - Our proposed garden pizza ovens, wood-fired ALFA Pizza Forni, are intended for outdoor installation - on the terrace, patio or directly on the lawn in the garden. High-end garden pizza ovens by Lofra operate on the principle of the patented ForninoxTM technology, combining the excellent physical properties of cooking and baking on a brick. The housing of each device is made of steel. The solid material, resistant to damage and external factors, and the appropriate design ensure the furnaces high resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses caused by high temperatures. Importantly, wood makes the dishes prepared in the oven have an intense, deep flavor and aroma, which is impossible to achieve in a traditional oven.

Garden pizza gas grill ALFA Pizza Forni - modern solutions for your garden

A great alternative to wood-fired appliances are gas-powered garden grills . The sale includes neat gas grills mounted directly on the support surface and models mounted on a mobile base with wheels. All devices are equipped with a steel dome that allows reaching high temperatures with a low minimum use of gas.


Lofra.pl - the highest standard for demanding customers - ALFA Pizza Forni pizza oven

Garden pizza oven - To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer a wide selection of garden pizza ovens that differ in design, type of power and size. In the devices, you can even heat treatment of not only Italian specialties, but also bread, meat, vegetables and casseroles. The sale includes models designed to be placed on a support surface and portable grills mounted on wheels . Grills are made of durable materials that are easy to keep impeccably clean and that do not deteriorate when exposed to changing weather conditions. Each model combines maximum functionality and ease of use with refined aesthetics.


LOFRA | Garden pizza ovens and grill in one ALFA Pizza Forni - a culinary home garden

A large home garden, or maybe a plot? Poles always love to grill there. Today, grilling is no longer such an ordinary activity, it's basically like making a grill, eating and going away. More and more Poles love to spend time in such a way, to socialize, together with family and friends. The grill is no longer a piece of a bowl with a grate, Poles are increasingly replacing traditional grills with garden pizza ovens ALFA Pizza Forni , combined with the grill function.


LOFRA | What is the ALFA Pizza Forni garden pizza oven

Garden pizza ovens ALFA Pizza Forni , resembles the construction of professional pizza ovens, which are usually powered by means of wood. The difference, however, is that the home stove that is used in the garden has an open baking chamber. So you can bake pizza, prepare bread, vegetables, grill meat and anything else that can be thermally processed in this type of chambers.

The ALFA Pizza Forni garden pizza oven is therefore a very universal device. In addition to pizza, casseroles and all kinds of baked products, you can conveniently prepare many other grilled dishes, both meat and vegetable. So it is a very universal device.



LOFRA | Wood fired garden pizza ovens ALFA Pizza Forni

The biggest advantage of the garden pizza oven is that it can be fed with wood. Ideally, it should be hardwood. Then, all dishes prepared in such a garden oven are very aromatic. Hardwood burns much slower and at the same time maintains high temperature for a long time.

Garden pizza ovens that are fired with wood actually have two chambers. One of them is for baking pizza, cakes, making pies, casseroles and everything that should be done at a certain temperature, but without direct fire. The second compartment is used for grilling. In it, you can successfully grill vegetables, meat, cheese, and even grill potatoes, which is also the domain of Polish cuisine.


LOFRA | Advantages and disadvantages of garden pizza ovens

The Alfa Pizza Forni garden pizza oven has many advantages. Apart from its universality, its use is associated with:

1.the ability to prepare really aromatic dishes,

2.convenience of food preparation, the design of the ovens eliminates the risk of food burning, for example as a result of excessive fire,

3.preparation of baked and grilled dishes at the same time,

4. very cheap to use, wood is a relatively cheap raw material.


Like any device that has many advantages, the pizza garden oven also has some disadvantages, they are:

1.the need to clean the stove regularly, because its flue must be clean, burning wood also generates a large amount of soot,

2.the stove takes up quite a lot of space compared to a typical grill,

3. the stove must have an appropriate foundation, in fact, the heat it generates requires that it be placed on an appropriate foundation.


Apart from these few drawbacks, it is an ideal "device". Certainly, it will work perfectly both in the home garden and on the plot. For the needs of restaurant gardens, special garden stoves dedicated to professional gastronomy were created.

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