When you watch Hollywood movies, you can't get a glimpse of the beautiful interiors that differ significantly from the prevailing standards in Polish apartments? It's time to stop looking longingly at the screen and start working! Today we come to the aid of all those who want to smuggle the atmosphere of the Californian coast into their kitchen. Check what are the characteristics of American-style kitchens .

Style, space and comfort - American-style kitchens


In homes owned by US residents, the kitchen is usually located in the back of the house. The decoration of the spacious, large interior is a high bay window, under which there is often a comfortable seat (the so-called window seat). The bay window is the place where the household members meet for breakfast, sharing their plans for the rest of the day. Directly next to the kitchen there should be a pantry in the form of a wardrobe or a separate room with supplies on shelves. American style kitchens are part of an open layout. Between the annex, where meals are prepared, and the seating area, there should be an island (necessarily of considerable dimensions) surrounded by stools. High bar stools are an interesting element that breaks the convention and refers to the style of pubs loved by Americans. They also emphasize the functional importance of the kitchen.

American kitchens are dominated by bright colors. Minimalist, high-gloss furniture is not applicable there. More than cool, shiny panes, every American devoted to tradition prefers classic furniture in the type of shaker cabinets. Characteristic fronts with a delicate milling in white or vanilla create a harmonious duo with a natural wood floor. The kitchen furniture is complemented by thick countertops made of stone, most often granite or marble. Steel sinks are giving way to ceramic models. The wall next to the stove is covered with white metro tiles or an increasingly popular mosaic. A built-in hood is installed above the burners.

Importantly, American-style kitchens are bright, spacious and cozy. Their task is not only to provide optimal conditions for cooking, but also to integrate all the inhabitants of the house. Heavy curtains and fleshy curtains are not applicable here. Through the exposed windows with muntins, maximum natural light enters the interior. At the heart of the arrangement there is a large wooden table, which is perfect for spending time together with household members and guests.

Master organization


George Washington's descendants mastered the art of space management to perfection. Spacious furniture is rich in numerous cabinets, drawers and organizers that help to maintain perfect order among food products, equipment and accessories. With a free-standing stove (in American kitchens hobs are rare), the so-called pot filler is installed, i.e. an additional tap used to fill pots. A popular practice in richer homes is to put a vet in the bar, i.e. a zone that allows you to prepare drinks.

Minimalism and flash? Not necessarily!


When completing household appliances, we usually pay attention mainly to parameters, with less emphasis on aesthetics. And this is where we make a serious mistake! The most well-thought-out composition will lose its attractiveness if we install equipment that looks different from the convention between the cabinets. Does the desire to buy modern and reliable equipment with advanced functions have to make concessions? Not necessarily. Lofra devices were created for the most demanding aesthetes and passionate cooks who expect from kitchen equipment much more than just an average standard. Our free-standing kitchens, refrigerators, coffee machines and dishwashers will significantly simplify and make everyday tasks more enjoyable, and at the same time will be a stylish and consistent part of the arrangement. In an American-style kitchen, the freestanding models from the DOLCEVITA line will work best. Decorative knobs, metal handles, subtle colors and a timeless line will bring notes to the retro arrangement harmoniously matching a cozy interior.