The cooker hood is not only an accessory, an "optional" equipment. It is a device that performs a very important function. It is responsible for properly ventilating the kitchen, removing unpleasant odors, and also for eliminating potentially harmful substances that float in the air during cooking, baking or frying.


The role of the hood is therefore very important, and a good retro hood not only removes fumes and unpleasant odors, but also filters the air through the use of carbon filters in it. It is therefore indispensable in kitchens with poor ventilation, when cooking on several gas burners may even result in poisoning and hypoxia. We will try to tell you in this article about the functionality of the cooker hood, efficiency and effectiveness.


LOFRA | Cooker hood performance - adapt to the size of the kitchen


The selection of the kitchen hood, whether it is a retro hood or a modern hood, results from:

  • interior design, retro hood fits in retro and vintage kitchens, but it will not work in modern kitchens,
  • from the efficiency of the hood, it is selected in terms of efficiency in terms of area and usable kitchen capacity,
  • installation options, some hoods must be connected to the ventilation ducts, and this is not always possible, then you need to find a hood with an appropriate carbon filter.


When choosing a cooker hood, first of all, you should adapt it to the size of the kitchen, how heavily the kitchen will be used and how often all the burners in the stove will be used.


Remember that the hood must have greater efficiency when used in conjunction with a gas cooker, and smaller when working directly on an induction cooker.


LOFRA | The functionality of the hood - how to choose the hood


In addition to the efficiency of the cooker hood, its functionality is also important. By functionality, we mean not only whether a given hood effectively ventilates the room, but also whether it has appropriate, useful functions, such as:

  • special additional lighting that will allow convenient illumination of the stove,
  • an additional carbon filter, which is worth using together with the appropriate ventilation hoses,
  • features that enable easy cleaning,
  • additional functions, for example some hoods have a built-in radio.


The retro hood and its functions should fully satisfy the user and meet his needs, then we can say that it is a fully functional hood.

LOFRA | Work efficiency - essential for good ventilation

A retro hood is a device that, above all, must be effective. Appropriate use of power and possibilities enables trouble-free, quick and safe ventilation, which is extremely important in the case of a kitchen hood. Good quality hoods are able to easily extract all pollution from the air, then its work efficiency is high. When is the hood effective? When its capabilities are adequate to the power consumed by it, then we can easily adjust the hood to the size of the kitchen and the intensity of its use.


Retro hood