American style kitchens - made in the USA

Oversized furniture, large spaces, bright finishes and the advantage of wood and accessories. This is the American style. If you are looking for your American-style kitchen , check out our website You will find kitchens with an authentic taste of star and stripes. Kitchens with a refined and elegant design. All these modern kitchens, equipped with all accessories and additions, equipped with the latest generation appliances.

American style kitchens have become very current and are becoming more and more sought after and loved due to the ability to impart sophistication and cosmopolitan character to any setting. In addition to being beautiful, American style kitchens also have the important feature of being able to make the most of very large spaces, providing intimacy and warmth. The first and foremost peculiarity of an American-style kitchen is actually the amount of space necessary to recreate the atmosphere of the USA. and above all, to accommodate some of the typical elements of this style of furniture.

So what are the strengths of an American-style kitchen?

The first and basic distinguishing feature is the presence of an island that can be used for various purposes depending on your taste and specific needs. In fact, the island can be used as a breakfast table, as a table top, hob, or it can also be used as a sink, and shelves in the lower part of the island, where you can store utensils and accessories. In an American-style kitchen, the island, which must always be in the center of the room, is therefore essential and characteristic elements that need to be improved, for example by equipping them with comfortable and functional stools sitting where they are necessary.

The choice of materials and colors in which the island will be created, of course, depends on the preferred style of furniture. For modern American-style kitchens, geometric shapes are preferable, bright colors made of steel, and lovers of a more traditional style will have to give preference to more muted colors and more classic furnishings. American style kitchens still go well with any type of furniture, from industrial design to shabby chic, from vintage to classic.

Coming back to the features of American-style cuisine, we saw that the island is the focal point. However, real American cuisine must have different specifics that cause this. The rest of the space will be developed around the island, which must have a number of necessary accessories.

Another essential feature of an American-style kitchen is that it is heavily equipped with household appliances. Above all, freestanding gas cookers, cooker hoods, double door ice cube fridges, dishwashers, microwaves and of course coffee makers are important.