Garden pizza oven - Italian Pizza in your garden

Whether you prefer a modern, contemporary or classic look, with our garden pizza ovens, you can create an Italian atmosphere in your garden. The garden pizza oven can be powered by two variants, using gas or wood. The second option is the classic Italian pizza from Naples.

Our garden pizza ovens are designed to meet all your Italian cooking expectations. Pizza garden ovens are made of high-quality materials that are resistant to all weather conditions. Designed with you in mind, reliable with a modern twist and attention to detail to ensure comfortable outdoor baking in your garden and maybe even your patio. You choose the LOFRA garden pizza oven, you choose the highest quality Luxury.

Choose the wood-fired garden pizza oven that best suits your personal needs. All days spent in the garden will be full of culinary experiences. Enjoy grilling, baking and stewing delicious dishes and try our Italian recipes. Our garden pizza ovens are characterized by careful design, high-quality materials and attention to detail. We produce furniture suitable for both rustic and modern houses, for indoor use, in the garden or on the terrace. Discover the full range of LOFRA wood-fired garden pizza ovens.

LOFRA garden pizza ovens: a family tradition for over 50 years

Drawing on Italy's rich history of craftsmanship and tradition, our design team has redefined the concept of luxury wood-fired pizza ovens. Using new techniques and shapes, they have developed branded products with a unique look for your home and garden. High-quality material guarantees the best and most efficient performance in wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens. Traditionally, a wood-fired oven has always been the best pizza and bread maker. High temperatures and chamotte ground make it perfect for Italian cuisine. The same features make other types of cooking (baking) not only possible but even preferred. Try grilling meat, fish and vegetables on our outdoor pizza oven. Taste the uniqueness of the aroma of wood. Our garden pizza oven is the perfect solution for your garden!

Our goal is to offer not only a pizza garden oven, but also a lifestyle. The LOFRA lifestyle is subdued elegance, modernity in tradition, practical beauty in rounded shapes and unusual colors. First of all, it is sharing time and smiling with family and friends, cooking together.


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