Thanks to the huge amount of inspiration available in the catalogs, designing a functional and effective kitchen is much easier. By watching the work of professional designers, we can give free rein to our imagination and create a beautiful interior that will harmonize with our temperament and suit individual needs. One concept stands out against the background of minimalist, classic or Scandinavian arrangements, leading the way in design. Hampton-style kitchens are in front of you !

Make America great again!


The United States is a place where, apparently, everyone can fulfill their dream of being whatever they want. The country of unlimited potential is a mecca of specialists from various industries who create creative ferment across the Atlantic and set trends, also in the world of interior design. An important point on the map of the entire design world is New York. The concepts of designers and architects who have lived in the Big Apple for decades have resulted in new trends in space arrangement and decoration.

Effortless elegance and holiday fun… Welcome to Long Island!


The Hampton style owes its name to the towns located on the Long Island in New York - East Hampton and Southampton. It is this area that affluent Americans, especially New Yorkers, who want to settle in the seaside area or seek their asylum for the holidays, took a liking. Long Island quickly became a synonym of luxury, and the style prevailing in those houses became a cult.

Apartments inspired by New York City villas are bathed in matte and semi-matte white with colors reminiscent of light sand, sun, seashells and the ocean. The composition is a mixture of nautical, glamor, art deco and even rustic themes. Spacious, cozy, bright interiors full of delicate textiles and expressive accessories are not only to look impressive, pleasing the eyes of household members and guests, but above all, provide maximum comfort in everyday life. Despite the apparent inconsistency, the individual elements create a coherent but diverse mosaic.

What are the characteristics of Hampton kitchens?


The Hampton style kitchen creates optimal conditions for unfettered culinary delights. The equipment is based on bright furniture with semi-matte fronts decorated with delicate milling in the form of a frame. They are complemented by expressive handles or metal knobs. It is advisable to give up the wooden table top in favor of a marble model.

The heart of the arrangement should be a wide island constituting a link between the kitchen and living room area. The furniture is perfectly combined with a floor made of natural wood, and with light walls in the vicinity of the kitchen furniture - metro tiles. Wood is present not only on the floor, but also on the ceiling - beamed ceilings are an absolute must have in any Hampton style kitchen . Light also plays a major role in shaping the desired climate. The more natural rays that fall into your home, the better. We will achieve an excellent effect when we give up standard curtains in favor of fashionable shutters.

Modern design inspired by the classics


The freedom of composition that may give the impression of a disordered space are only appearances. In fact, every component of the kitchen puzzle does not come into place by accident. Minimalistic equipment with shiny, pressure-sensitive panels will not work in a kitchen that evokes the memory of a holiday by the sea. The stylish devices from the DOLCEVITA line will fit the atmosphere of the interior much better - unique equipment which is the best proof that the effective retro aesthetics and the most modern solutions facilitating everyday life do not have to stand in opposition. Freestanding cookers, refrigerators, microwaves or dishwashers in pastel shades will decorate the furniture, adding class and expressiveness to the arrangement.

Decorations - a dot over the "i"


The final stage of furnishing a Hampton-style kitchen is completing the accessories. Exclusive table lamps made of glass or porcelain, shimmering brass chandeliers, decorative bowls, and painted tableware will help you emphasize the character of the composition. On the large table in the dining area there is a vase with a large bouquet of live flowers. Small maritime accents, especially on textiles, will be welcome.