The kitchen in every home is a special place. When renovating an apartment or furnishing your dream home from scratch, it is worth paying maximum attention to this zone. Thanks to the multitude of various furniture available in showrooms, finishing materials and examples of implementations made available by architects on the web, you can create a non-obvious interior that exactly matches your preferences. Today we come to the aid of lovers of warm, cozy compositions who are looking for kitchen inspiration. Here are English-style and Italian -style kitchens - arrangements that cannot be ignored.

English-style kitchens - a sentimental journey

What is the best way to define English-style kitchens? The answer to this question is ambiguous. Interiors straight from Shakespeare's homeland have their roots not in the bustling London, Liverpool, Manchester or Birmingham, but counties scattered all over England, mainly occupied by rural areas. It is natural materials, warmth, vintage elements and decorations straight from the romantic, quiet provinces that are put on a pedestal in English interiors. Interestingly, the exact form the composition takes depends largely on the vision of the main designer. In every English room, the host's style and preferences are visible, which gives the house a very personal touch.

The color palette dominating in English kitchens is based on white, blue, powder pink and vanilla . The furniture in the English-style kitchen is made of bleached wood with delicately scratched grains. Floral inlays and metal, decorative handles add charm to the milled fronts. The furniture is diversified with numerous openwork inserts and curtains. Carpet in the kitchen? Why not! A characteristic feature of kitchens designed in the English style are decorative carpets and rugs, which in most apartments are reserved exclusively for living rooms. There is often a wide island in the middle of the kitchen. The room is usually finished with intricate stucco - cornices and moldings. Each host makes sure that there are fresh flowers in the kitchen, and that a beautiful service is displayed in a visible place, encouraging you to rest while sipping aromatic tea.

An interesting alternative: Italian kitchens

Are you interested in the English style? In that case, we also recommend Italian cuisine to your attention! The compositions inspired by the captivating Italy have a lot in common with those in the English style. To smuggle a ray of Italian sun into the apartment, simply enrich the bright furniture with rattan decorations (a haversack, lanterns, baskets), decorate one of the walls with a raw, seemingly unworked stone, and set a large, solid table on ornamented legs in the heart of the kitchen. In Italian apartments, the kitchen is the center of family life, so there should be a place at the table for every household member and numerous friends. Italian kitchens are above all places to meet people , rooms that provide space to listen to their history.

Equipment for an English province inspired kitchen

The most difficult stage of arranging a kitchen that deviates from modern, minimalist standards is the selection of equipment. Until recently, finding appliances that would ensure maximum comfort, hygiene and safety when working in the kitchen, and at the same time their appearance would be consistent with the concept with vintage elements, was a mission doomed to failure. Today, thanks to the creativity of Lofra technologists, you no longer have to choose between functionality and aesthetics. Everything that is desirable in Italian, English and rustic cuisine can be found in the Lofra brand catalog. Original devices, inspired by the old days, are the essence of good style that never becomes outdated. Importantly, decorated with gold or silver knobs and handles, cookers, refrigerators and coffee machines are available in pastel colors that will enliven bright buildings. By choosing models with the Lofra logo, you choose a beautiful form and the highest standard, energy efficiency and comfort of use.