We all know how tasty freshly ground coffee from an espresso machine can be. We often drink it in cafes and even buy it at stations. Good coffee beans, good quality espresso machine and a moment of patience, we get a tasty, stimulating drink. Coffee machines are becoming more and more popular in our kitchens. Is this already a standard or is it an unnecessary expense? Let's think about it together.


LOFRA | Coffee machine - one-time expense for many years


A good coffee machine costs several thousand zlotys. The best coffee machines cost even several thousand zlotys. However , a retro coffee machine that is intended for home use does not have to cost a fortune. The price is strictly dependent on:

  • machine brands,
  • number of functions,
  • solutions and electronics included in the coffee machine,
  • build quality.

Naturally, we can buy a cheaper coffee machine that will not have all the functions, but if we like and drink coffee that is similar to traditional coffee, we do not expect coffee with amazing qualities, then we can give up some of the functions.

The purchase of a coffee machine is a one-time purchase, and a properly maintained device will serve us for many, many years. Of course, how long we will enjoy coffee from the coffee machine is strictly dependent on how we care for the coffee machine. However, if we devote time to cleaning, washing and proper maintenance of the device, then it will serve us for many years without any problems.


LOFRA | Advantages of having a coffee machine


The retro coffee machine is a very convenient device. It will be confirmed by all those who use such a device on a daily basis, whether at home or at work. First of all, a good coffee machine allows you to prepare delicious coffee. It is worth mentioning that, according to baristas and experts, tasty coffee is coffee prepared directly from ground beans.

Apart from the fact that thanks to the coffee machine you can get a considerable taste and aroma of coffee, we can also drink various types of it. Modern coffee machines are equipped with a number of different functions. They allow you to conveniently brew black coffee, make delicious late macchiatto or cappuccino.

The retro coffee machine is also a related functionality that allows you to heat up a previously brewed coffee or simply be on standby and prepare a drink by pressing any button.


LOFRA | How to care for a coffee machine


Unfortunately, having a coffee machine is not only a pleasure. It is a very sensitive device to neglect. The retro coffee machine can become not only contaminated, but even damaged if regular cleaning and maintenance are not carried out. The worst breakdown is the failure of the grinder. This can arise when too much debris is allowed to accumulate inside the grinder. Ceramic grinders are not only very expensive, but also very expensive to replace.

The retro coffee machine should be cleaned regularly. It is best to do this 2-3 times a week, it will not only avoid the danger of damage, but also eliminate the risk of the formation of bacteria and fungi that love such an environment. Regular cleaning, maintenance and care of the coffee machine can extend its life, and significantly.


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