A cooktop or stove is the basic element of equipment in every home kitchen. It is a device on which you can conveniently fry, cook or heat up. The cooktops can be powered by electricity as typical electric cookers. They can also be supplied with electricity by inducing energy, then they are called induction plates. There are also gas-fired hobs. The gas hob is the most common hob in modern home kitchens.


LOFRA | Gas hob - what to consider when choosing


The gas hob is not a particularly complicated device. It is made of steel, equipped with gas burners, the number of which depends on the size of the plate. In addition, apart from the burners and the base itself, special grates are mounted on the plate, enabling pots or dishes to be placed directly on it, used for thermal processing of food.


Apparently simple device, but so often used that when choosing it, it is very important to think about the purchase, choose a heating plate that will meet the needs and requirements of both quality and functionality.


When choosing a gas hob , follow:

  • the size of the gas hob, this is the basic parameter, if the kitchen is used very intensively, it is better to use a larger hob with 6 burners,
  • price, of course, the price is a relative term, but it is worth choosing a plate with good parameters in terms of price and quality,
  • warranty, the best boards should have a minimum 3-year warranty,
  • access to spare parts such as nozzles, magnetos and the like.


It is worth checking opinions about a given album, as well as how widely available the service for it is. Components such as clamps, magnetos or thermocouples can break down at any time and it is rarely the fault of a specific model or manufacturer. All the more, it is worth having the service of this type of discs somewhere close.


LOFRA | Gas hob - solid grates, massive structure and possible failures


A gas hob is a device that should be massive. The more massive the plate, the thicker it was made of. The grates themselves are also important. Here, not only their weight is very important, but also the structure itself. Before buying, it is worth checking whether the pots or pans on the grates are simply not slipping, and whether the grates themselves can be conveniently cleaned, because these are elements that must be regularly cleaned.


Solid grids and a massive plate are the basis. In addition, the design of the burners themselves is important. Of course, the gas burner has a relatively simple structure, nothing particularly clever about it. The only important thing is that in such a burner there are quite emergency devices such as:

  • magnetos, responsible for starting the burner,
  • thermocouples, which are very sensitive to dirt and contamination,
  • nozzles which, like thermocouples, are sensitive to dirt and contamination and may burn out,
  • magnetic clamps, which are responsible for maintaining the flame.


A good quality burner is one with which there are no problems for many years. When buying a gas hob, it is worth checking the opinions about the burners, as well as whether the parts used in its construction are typical parts that can be bought for a few zlotys and just as easy to replace.


A good choice of a gas hob is a choice that will ensure smooth use of the hob for many years. It is a simple device, rather low-failure, although it has parts that can be problematic if it fails, so it is better to avoid it.


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