Can we only drink tasty coffee in a good cafe? No. Today, we are no longer doomed to buy ground coffee or instant coffee of unknown origin. Today, we can buy roasted beans that we grind and then conveniently brew in our own coffee machine. An espresso machine that will prepare coffee the way we like and the way we want it, aromatic with the right intensity and taste, perfect in any form.


A good retro coffee machine is a coffee machine that will meet individual needs in every respect. For some, it must be a versatile and extremely functional device, while for others it must be simple, allowing you to brew good coffee quickly.


LOFRA | Coffee machine - above all functional


A good coffee machine must be functional. Both modern coffee machines and retro coffee machines are packed today, like most household appliances, with professional electronics. This is beneficial for us - customers who can enjoy a coffee that perfectly suits our tastes. Thus, a retro coffee machine , in addition to being a perfect match for a retro or classic kitchen, should also be very functional. Good coffee machines allow you to:

  • grinding coffee beans independently, thanks to which the coffee is fresh and we can be sure what kind of coffee we drink,
  • effective use of the possibilities offered by self-ground coffee brewing and of the purchased, ready-made product already in the store,
  • brewing coffee with a specific taste, such as cappuccino, latte macchiato and the like,
  • heating up already brewed coffee,
  • brewing your favorite coffee, i.e. remembering the settings and easily restoring them if necessary.


A functional coffee machine is a relatively relative concept, because it is a coffee machine that will suit our individual needs. It is worth for the coffee machine to meet the needs of all household members, which is of course not easy to achieve.


LOFRA | Built-in coffee machine or not - advantages and disadvantages


The coffee machine is a relatively new and modern device that is difficult to integrate into a classic or retro kitchen. Nevertheless, the Lofra company has been producing high-class retro coffee machines for years, perfectly matching retro-style kitchens.


The coffee machine can be built-in as well as it can be placed directly on the countertop. However, there are intermediate solutions, they are special cabinets, where ordinary, free-standing coffee machines are installed, but on a special, retractable basket, so that it is conveniently hidden from view, and that it is fully functional like a freestanding coffee machine.


The advantage of the built-in coffee machine is certainly that it is discreet. Therefore, it can be successfully used in retro or classic kitchens. The disadvantage is that the built-in coffee machine is a bit more expensive and it is more difficult to find one that is comfortable to be built in and at the same time properly suits its functionality.


Freestanding retro coffee machines are much more functional, the larger device allows you to fit more functions. In addition, freestanding coffee machines are a bit cheaper than their built-in counterparts, which, given the overall cost of the kitchen, is a significant saving.


Retro coffee machine