The American style of interior design began to gain popularity in the world from the 1970s. Anyway, the style of the arrangement from those years is still present today and is an alternative to a modern kitchen that is too sterile for many household members.

A kitchen in white, bright, spacious, lit by natural light, with a dining room, a buffet and a table, sometimes pastel, with simple solutions and decorative fronts at the same time. This is what American-style kitchens looked and do today.


LOFRA | Richly decorated fronts, lots of space and light

A characteristic feature of an American-style kitchen is its spaciousness. Americans like to have the so-called "space", hence their kitchens are definitely larger than ours, Polish. It is very important in an American arrangement to have a kitchen window. In the United States, tilt windows are popular, in Poland they are practically not used, so they are replaced with a window that opens directly. The window is most often located above the sink.

Natural and artificial lighting is very important in the American-style kitchen arrangement. It must be much more intense than in any other room. That is why additional lamps and over-counter lighting or lighting above the table or the buffet are installed in the kitchens.

Another, very characteristic element of the kitchen are richly decorated kitchen fronts. In American kitchens, these fronts are most often decorated with various types of shaped frames and mini sculptures. Both the fronts of the lower and upper cabinets are decorated and it is rare to find American-style kitchens with straight fronts, even without decorative handles.



LOFRA | American-style kitchens - advantages and limitations

American style kitchens have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as some limitations.

So let's start with the restrictions. First of all, this type of arrangement works very badly in small rooms. You could say that it doesn't really work at all. An American-style kitchen requires a relatively large room to be arranged, so that it can be used effectively.

The disadvantage of an American-style kitchen arrangement is definitely the price. Unfortunately, few carpentry workshops carry out such arrangements and projects. This means that the price for the implementation of such a kitchen is higher. Another drawback - we are back in space again, American-style kitchens are not suitable for small, dimly lit spaces.

When we move on to the advantages, we will understand that such a kitchen is a real treasure. Well-lit and arranged, it becomes the true heart of every home. In addition, the arrangement in the classic American style fits perfectly not only with classic interiors, but also fits perfectly with modern ones, so it is universal. Classic American style stands out wonderfully from other styles and this is definitely its great advantage.

American style kitchen