Kitchen arrangement is one of the most difficult stages of arrangement in the whole house. It is true that nowadays the modern style dominates - kitchens are made rather in simple and elegant finishes. Retro, industrial and vintage kitchens are definitely less popular. However, the popularity of rustic and American-style kitchens is growing. Interestingly, both of these styles have a lot in common.


LOFRA | American-style kitchens - arrangement

American-style kitchens are completely different from those commonly found in Europe. First of all, we should be aware that Americans love large spaces. Apart from New York, where this space is always lacking, virtually all other properties or apartments in the United States are much larger than in Europe. It is the same with kitchens.

American-style kitchens are characterized by an open arrangement. The kitchen is most often located in an open place in an apartment or house. The characteristic feature of the American-style kitchen arrangement is, of course, the island. This style was dominant in most American cuisines since the 1970s. In other words, an open, large, spacious and sunny kitchen with lots of furniture, an island and wooden fronts.


LOFRA | American-style kitchens - wooden fronts and lots of accessories

A characteristic feature of an American-style kitchen are wooden fronts. There are practically no fronts made of MDF boards and furniture boards, which has a significant impact on the cost of making such a kitchen. American-style kitchens have beautiful, decorated, wooden fronts and furniture, most often made of solid wood. There is no dominant color here, although the most common is the natural color of the wood or the white color, which then contrasts with the dark top or the top made in the natural color of the wood.

As American kitchens have a lot in common with the so-called rustic kitchens, here we can also find a lot of accessories and additions. Countless hangers, bowls, jars or accessories, in which you can find kitchen utensils, knives and cutlery, are also a very important element of the entire kitchen equipment.


LOFRA | American-style kitchen - when is it worth arranging your kitchen in this way?

American-style kitchens are definitely completely different from those currently popular arranged in a modern style. It is a kitchen more classic, with beautiful wooden furniture, an island and tasteful furniture finishes that slightly resemble the classic style. However, it is not always worth arranging a kitchen similar to the American ones, because this style of interior architecture is very specific.

The American-style kitchen will harmonize perfectly with the interior, which is characterized by a subdued arrangement, more directed towards a mixed or even classic style than a modern one. Lots of wood, a small amount of stainless steel and metals and plastic. Certainly, an American-style kitchen must be spacious and be bright, sunny. It must be an open kitchen and preferably on a rectangular or square plan. With such a room at your disposal, it is worth considering the arrangement and implementation of an American-style kitchen.


American style kitchen