Kitchen arrangements are very diverse. In addition to the dominant modern style, these arrangements also feature classic, retro, industrial and Provencal styles. For each of them, manufacturers such as Lofra have prepared household appliances and small household appliances, tailored to the needs and arrangement. Therefore, the problem of arranging in a classic style and purchasing modern household appliances disappears. Today , a retro oven , microwave oven or induction hob can perfectly match the whole, even in a vintage or retro style.


LOFRA | Retro style oven with excellent parameters


The retro oven does not have to be a device that will not be functional. On the contrary, Lofra is working on ensuring that their household appliances are adapted to classic styling, but inside are packed with modern technology.


A retro oven , like any other, should primarily be functional. Modern ovens enable not only the basic function of baking, thanks to modern technologies, they enable much more, they include:

  • full control of the temperature of baking or heating,
  • hot air circulation, i.e. effective exchange of warm air inside the baking chamber,
  • self-cleaning function, i.e. a function that allows you to clean the entire cooking chamber,
  • low temperature baking function,
  • baking function under certain conditions of rising and falling temperatures.

All the above functions are already standard when it comes to modern ovens, hence they should also be standard in retro ovens.


LOFRA | Retro oven - the best built-up


A retro oven can be "used" or rather arranged in a retro kitchen in two ways. The first way is to use a free-standing oven, immediately with a gas or electric hob. Such an oven has one very important advantage, it can be nicely integrated into the furniture. Moreover, in the past, only such ovens were used in kitchens, without any built-in fittings, hence they fit quite well with classic types of kitchens.


A built-in retro oven is a solution that must be made in the right way. First of all, a retro kitchen is a very harmonious kitchen, so the oven itself should not stand out here either. Of course, professional interior architects will know perfectly well how and where to install such an oven, how to use the potential of furniture and the device itself, as well as its external appearance.


Regardless of which retro oven you choose, whether it will be free-standing or built-in, it is worth having a modern and rich in functions inside. Such as the Lofra oven, durable, functional and certainly perfect for retro and vintage kitchens.


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