LOFRA | Back to tradition - rustic kitchens

In the era where modernity and modern style dominate in kitchen arrangements, we can rarely meet someone who reaches for the classics. Classic and vintage kitchens as well as rustic kitchens are still chosen by customers, not only in the case of classic interiors, but also in newly built houses and newly arranged apartments.


Rustic-style kitchens, which are what?

The rustic style is a style that resembles classic arrangement patterns. This means that kitchens of this type are decorated in a classic style, they are characterized by a kitchen full of accessories, colors, and richly decorated furniture, combined with simplicity and "idyll". This is not the end, however, kitchens in a rustic style are arranged in a classic version, but it does not mean that they are not modern kitchens. The current technology makes the household appliances available in rustic kitchens very high-class.


Rustic kitchens are kitchens that combine a classic style of arrangement, i.e. colorful, large furniture, rich finishes, as well as accessories, which are often full in the kitchen, along with modern equipment hidden under a classic arrangement.

An example of a company producing this type of equipment is Lofra, which specializes in the production of technologically advanced equipment for classic and rustic kitchens.


LOFRA - Why rustic kitchen?

You are surely wondering why some people choose classic, rustic kitchens? Well, according to many, this type of kitchen has a unique atmosphere. In fact, these kitchens combine great, remarkable patterns and arrangements, very popular even in the 60's and 70's. The arrangement of such rooms allows modern technology and classic decor to collide with each other, providing an amazing visual experience.

Rustic kitchens are not only very beautiful, but also functional, where a lot of accessories are simply at hand, lying on the kitchen counter or hanging on one of the many kitchen hangers.


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