Ovens built-in together with a gas hob, the so-called combo, are increasingly rare. Today, the oven is built into the so-called chimneys, while the gas or induction hob is built directly into the kitchen worktop. Such a solution has many advantages, the greatest of which are, of course, the fact that the oven can be installed at height and does not have to stand directly on the ground, and the fact that in the event of failure of one, we do not have to buy another combo equipment, one of these things is enough. .


It is obvious that the selection of an appropriate gas hob is important both for the convenience and comfort of work in the kitchen and for reliability. So we will help you choose and define the needs related to the purchase of a good album. Not every built -in gas hob perfectly meets the expectations of kitchen users.


LOFRA | Gas hob, technical parameters and possibilities

The built-in gas hob, like any household appliance, has certain technical parameters that are key to determining its functionality. It is true that in the case of a gas hob, the range of functions is limited, to put it mildly, but it is worth paying attention to:

  • the number of burners that are available for use, sometimes the plates have six burners, these are larger versions, with a large family six burners are even necessary,
  • the distance between the burners, which is important when we use several burners at the same time using, for example, large pots or pans,
  • the power of the burners, in the case of gas hobs, is usually equivalent to their size, i.e. the larger the burner, the greater its power.

Of course, in the case of gas hobs, their external appearance and design are key. It is the most exposed device in the kitchen, conspicuous and built into the worktop, hence the appearance of the gas hob must match the entire design of the kitchen. In the case of a modern kitchen, we can find a number of models of built-in hobs, otherwise if a retro gas hob is necessary. Few manufacturers offer models of this type, fortunately in this case the Lofra brand comes in handy.


LOFRA | Convenient use and safety

In the case of a gas hob, whether it is a retro gas hob or a stylized, modern design, convenient use and safety are key. An ideal example is the so-called "grates", which are, in a way, the basis for pots, pans and cooking utensils. It is worth paying attention that they are made in such a way that the pots or pans do not slip on them. A slippery surface creates a great risk, for example it can cause burns.

It is worth if a retro gas hob or a modern hob has a function that protects against uncontrolled gas leakage. In this case, such a function causes that the gas is immediately cut off after the burner is extinguished and even when water spills onto the burner and the flame is extinguished, the gas does not escape. Safety and ease of use in the case of gas hobs are as important as their design and stylistic matching to the arrangement of the kitchen. If we take the right time to compare individual hobs and different models, you can choose a functional and safe gas hob.


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