A microwave oven is already the basic equipment of every home kitchen. It is fast, functional, very useful, it is useful in many situations, mainly when heating food, but also defrosting, grilling or even cooking.


Anyone who has a microwave oven knows how useful it is in a home kitchen. Few, however, know how to choose such a cooker, what to consider when buying, what functions a retro microwave should have and what is important when choosing it. Therefore, we will try to help you with this.


LOFRA | Microwave oven - the devil is in the functions


A modern retro microwave oven , or any other type of microwave oven, should be very rich in various functions, because they determine the usefulness of a given device. The most common functions in microwave ovens are:

  • heating food, it is a basic function, it is very important to control the heating power,
  • cooking, it is a very important function that allows you to not only heat it up but even boil it, for example, with water or milk, ideal when there are children in the family,
  • defrosting, this is an extremely useful function and probably most often used after heating,
  • grill is a rarely used function, but many people use it, for example, for grilling cheese.


The above functions are the basic ones, modern microwaves even allow cooking with steam, but they are still solutions in the testing phase, so it is worth waiting for their further development.


Since the devil is in the functions, they should be the first thing we pay attention to when buying. However, not always. Depending on which kitchen arrangement we choose microwaves, we should always pay attention to its external appearance. It is many times easier to find a microwave dedicated to a modern kitchen, much more difficult for a loft, vintage or retro kitchen. Fortunately, Lofra comes to the rescue, producing equipment for kitchens with classic or unusual arrangements.


LOFRA | Warranty, cleaning, size and power


Each purchase of household appliances is associated with an expense, which is less, sometimes more, but an expense. If you want to spend your money wisely, you just need to check once that the capabilities of a given device fit your needs, and that all other factors apart from functionality and appearance. These factors in the case of household appliances are:

  • warranty, or rather the length, is very important if we want to enjoy efficient equipment for years without worrying about a possible failure,
  • the size of the device, whether the size, both external and usable, fits our needs and fully satisfies them, after all, no one will buy a small dishwasher for a family of 6,
  • device power, especially important in microwave ovens,
  • the possibility of cleaning and maintenance.


Retro microwave is a device that will be used intensively nowadays. No wonder that when deciding to buy and before choosing, not only the functionality and appearance, but also the above factors are analyzed. Ease of cleaning and maintenance is very important, the warranty - the longer the better, the size and power, of course, tailored to individual needs. Everything that has been described above is only general advice that must be properly verified and analyzed beforehand, only after the analysis can you choose the model of the microwave oven you are interested in.


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