Contemporary kitchens are a combination of simple solutions, modern shapes and innovative technology, often hidden in kitchen furniture. We spend a lot of time choosing furniture, fronts, countertops, kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee machines and ovens. We devote much less time to the selection of additional equipment, and this is the professional retro cooker hood . It seems to us that this choice should be limited either to the appearance and external structure of the eaves, or to the way in which it is built. Nothing could be more wrong, a good cooker hood means proper ventilation and getting rid of unpleasant odors, as well as cleaner air and tastier dishes.


LOFRA | Retro kitchen hood - what functions does it perform

Both a modern cooker hood or a retro hood have a very important function, which is ventilation. However, this is not all, because the tasks of the hoods include:

  • air purification, which is very important in every kitchen,
  • removal of both exhaust gases and unpleasant odors,
  • adequate ventilation of the kitchen, as improper ventilation may even lead to fainting,
  • protection of the walls and ceiling of the kitchen, and more precisely the paint used on the walls and ceiling, as untreated steam from the dishes contaminates the paint very quickly.


The retro cooker hood plays an extremely important role and choosing it, looking only at the price or external appearance, may turn out to be a misfire. Let us add that each hood consists of a body, a special set of fans, a filter, a waste drain hose and additional accessories such as lamps or LED backlight.


LOFRA | Cooker hood - selection depending on the kitchen

The wide range of kitchen equipment manufacturers in the field of cooker hoods is not accidental. Good quality hoods are selected in terms of external appearance, capacity and additional functions. Vintage or retro-style hoods are perfect for classic kitchens. The fact that they look different than modern does not mean that they are not packed with modern electronics. This type of hoods is produced by the Lofra brand, which produces classic hoods and equips them with modern electronics.

It is definitely easier to choose a hood for a modern kitchen than for a classic or vintage kitchen. The choice is much wider, so you can choose from both companies and hood models.


LOFRA | Vintage cooker hood - Maintenance and servicing of cooker hoods

A vintage kitchen hood undergoes heavy work in its operation. Due to the removal of pollutants, continuous operation and constant exposure to high temperatures, the hood may fail to obey. So when choosing it, it is worth paying attention to the service opinions that are important. When it comes to hood maintenance, we can do it ourselves. Access to the fans is usually via the service hatch. It is a good idea to vacuum them once a month to reduce the risk of them seizing up. As for the cartridge, i.e. the filter, you can easily replace it yourself, and the frequency of replacement is usually dictated directly by the manufacturer.

The cooker hood is an important element of the kitchen equipment. Without it, the kitchen would quickly become contaminated, and bad smells would reach every corner of the house. All the more so, it is worth choosing a good quality, functional and properly matched hood to the needs of a given kitchen.

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