If you ask people who work in the kitchen every day and are responsible for keeping it clean or preparing meals about the best invention in the world, many of them will answer that it is a dishwasher. There is a reason why it is called the protector of the home, the conciliator and the solution to problems. So many fights and civil wars that there must have been in many homes over washing dishes have never been quickly extinguished by a simple dishwasher.


A retro dishwasher is a device that was designed for professional gastronomy, but today it is used and widely chosen also in home kitchens. It facilitates work, is economical and easy to use. It makes cooking a pleasure that is not disturbed by the thought of washing dishes afterwards.


In the article below, we will try to familiarize you with the possibilities of dishwashers, their history and technological progress related to them, as well as suggest how to choose the perfect device for your needs and requirements.


LOFRA Dishwasher - how it was created and for what purpose and how its technology developed


The dishwasher is one of the devices that was created relatively recently, because the first devices of this type were created in the 1970s, and their intended use was professional gastronomy. At that time, however, they were not equipped with special pumps and systems for heating and pumping water, but only with a simple water spray system and a system for putting the water in motion, thus allowing not only rinsing but also relatively effective washing of the dishes.


A retro dishwasher , it was modernized over the years, in order to find its way into home kitchens in the 1980s, where it became the basic equipment over time. Today it is a device without which most of us simply cannot imagine life, and the technology it contains has also undergone enormous progress. First of all, dishwashers are equipped with very modern and efficient pumps, thanks to which it is possible to wash dishes under great pressure of water, thus washing becomes effective. The water heating system is also noteworthy, because hot water combined with appropriate chemicals gives an excellent end result, enabling even more effective washing of the dishes. Such development of technology is not accidental and results from the growing demand for equipment such as dishwashers.


LOFRA | Dishwasher - which one to choose and what to consider when choosing


The huge amount of household appliances that we have to choose from is the result of the growing demand. Manufacturers also shower us with dishwashers, which are more and more modern and very functional. Choosing a dishwasher should be carefully considered, because we have at our disposal:

  • dishwashers of various sizes, we can buy dishwashers 60, 40 or even larger, which are unlikely to be used in built-in furniture,
  • dishwashers with various functions, from those that are perfect for dishes, to those that better cope with difficult-to-clean pots,
  • dishwashers adapted for quick and frequent washing, as well as those that are used less often, but have to deal with heavy dirt.


A good retro dishwasher is a dishwasher that meets our expectations in terms of size, functions and savings, i.e. one that will save electricity and water. The choice is not easy, but it is worth following the above rules. As for whether a built-in dishwasher is better or not, it doesn't really matter much. The most important thing is that it is covered by the longest possible warranty period and that it provides full functionality, in other words, that it meets the needs and requirements of the entire family.


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