A built-in gas hob is the basic device with which every kitchen is equipped. Used for frying and cooking, and also for heating. Apart from gas hobs, induction hobs are also used in home kitchens. How to choose the right gas hob, what can break down in them, how to clean them and how to care for them. This is what this article is about.


LOFRA | Gas hob - basics of structure and construction


A built-in gas hob is a device that is relatively simple in design. In fact, manufacturers pay much more attention to induction hobs than gas, the design of which has not changed much for a long time. Only newer components are used in them.


The gas hob itself, whether built-in or free-standing, consists of the main construction plate. Most often it is a pressed, heat-resistant sheet with a thickness of 3 mm or slightly thicker. The purpose of the stamping is to install the components of a given burner, as well as to stiffen the structure itself.


Holes are made in the sheet metal, into which the burner and all components of the burner are inserted. Domestic gas hobs usually have four such holes, while gas hobs used in the catering industry - 6 or more.


The burner consists of:

  • structural elements such as a cap, socket, elbow and fastening system,
  • elements responsible for transferring and maintaining the flame, i.e. thermocouples and nozzles,
  • controlling and regulating elements such as the pilot, pilot mount and agitator.


The design of the burner itself is not particularly demanding, and the device can be repaired easily and cheaply, even if it is damaged.


LOFRA | Maintenance, service and cleaning of gas hobs


Gas hobs, whether free-standing or built-in, have one major disadvantage. They require very regular cleaning and maintenance. Unfortunately, the gas itself that is delivered to our homes is somewhat polluted. In addition, when cooking, substances are always released that strongly contaminate the entire kitchen.


A built-in gas hob is exposed to grease, pieces of food and other contaminants. For this reason, it must be cleaned regularly.


Apart from cleaning the construction plate itself, it is very important to keep the burner clean. If you have concerns about cleaning a gas burner, you can use the services of a professional, but on the Internet you can find a lot of information on how to safely clean burners in gas cookers.


Cleaning can be done once every 2-3 months. Maintenance should be carried out once a year. It is necessary to check and unblock the nozzle, check the thermocouple and the mixer. Checking the magnetic clamp. The maintenance should be carried out by a specialist who not only has mechanical knowledge, but is also able to skillfully handle gas appliances.


Due to the difficulty that is often found in cleaning gas hobs, manufacturers have taken it a step further. There are special gas hobs with a glass surface. Properly reinforced glass heats up under the influence of gas, and the completely flat surface is easy to keep clean.



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